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Commvault makes it easy to buy and install the VM backup and recovery solution that’s right for you, with no hidden costs. Priced either per socket or per VM, multiple purchasing options allow you to choose only the features you want — so you can deploy the right-sized VM data protection for your organization.


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Licensing details & pricing

Foundation Advanced
MSRP based on PER SOCKET, includes one year premium 24-hour support (over 20% of additional value) $1,270 $1,935
MSRP based on PER 10 PACK of VMs, includes one year premium 24-hour support (over 20% value) $1,815 $2,785
Reporting & Easy Management
Management through Commvault console, VMware plug-in or web-based self-service console

Advanced reporting including cloud based metrics reporting and dashboards

Built-in alerting and monitoring for key events

Protection Features
Backup for VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer

Application Consistent Protection using Virtual Server Agent

Automatic discovery

Backup to disk and tape

Snapshot management for rapid low-impact protection copies of VMs

Cloud storage connector

Recovery Features
Instant VM “Live” Recovery features (VM Live Mount, Live Browse, Live Restore)

Application granular recovery tools

Cross-hypervisor restore/migration

VM Archiving Add-on required Add-on required
Enterprise scalability features that don’t break your budget
Load balancing and failover (GridStore)

Enterprise class global deduplication

DASH Copy (WAN optimized, dedupe-aware secondary and off-site copies)

SQL Server Enterprise Edition (CommServe)

Scalable and dynamic target disk management for simplified operations at scale.

Multi-tenant, web-based management of VMs

1 VMware only.

2 VM Archiving functionality is an add-on to the VM Backup and Recovery package. VM Archiving may NOT be purchased as a stand-alone solution and is not available for purchase on a PER SOCKET basis. Pricing for VM Archiving is based on ACTUAL VMs ARCHIVED, not the entire VM count and not all VMs backed up by the solution.

3 VM Provisioning and Management functionality can be purchased either as an add-on to the VM Backup and Recovery Solution Set or as a stand-alone solution. It is available for purchase on a PER VM basis. Pricing for VM Provisioning and Management is based on ACTUAL VMs PROVISIONED AND ACTIVE, not the entire VM count.

Legal Disclaimers: (1) Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. (2) Commvault reserves the right to change feature sets at any time without notice, including but not limited to, deleting, substituting, or otherwise changing what features are included in a given set. (3) Pricing set forth herein is pricing for end users purchasing directly from Commvault, pricing may vary if purchased through a reseller or distributor.