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Enterprise backup and recovery with unprecedented access

Protect endpoint data and boost productivity across the enterprise with CommVault Edge. Lightweight and low impact to your users, CommVault Edge provides access to information like nothing else on the market.


  • Backup and Recovery for Laptops and Desktops
  • Web and Mobile App for Secure Access
  • Automated File Sync Between Devices
  • Optimized Deduplication and Scheduling
  • Integrated eDiscovery and Legal Hold

“With CommVault Edge, our employees’ data is kept safe. The best part is that, CommVault has enabled us to meet our corporate security requirements and the data is backed up and available so that we can have users up and running quickly after a hardware or software incident occurs.”

- Lisa Romine, Senior Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Acxiom

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Protect Data on the Edge

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Download IDC Analyst Report: Critical Need for Edge Data Protection

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Download Game Changer: Unlocking Employee Access to Information

Centralized laptop and desktop data protection

CommVault Edge is a complete, enterprise-class solution for rapid, efficient and transparent protection. You can easily back up all desktop and laptop data, managing data protection for thousands of people in one instant. It is highly efficient and low impact thanks to source-side deduplication and opportunistic scheduling that consults a wide selection of customizable options.

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Simpana Software.

Hand the Power to Your Workforce

CommVault Edge Demo.Mobile app and web console for secure self-service access

Your protected edge data is powerful. Put it in the hands of your workforce securely with the CommVault Edge mobile app, and watch productivity take off. Users will have self-service access to Simpana-protected data in the ContentStore from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Simpana 10 Legal Hold Demo.

eDiscovery and Compliance are made simple with an intuitive, role-based search across all enterprise data.


Say Hello
to Edge Sync

...and goodbye to drag and drop

The mobile workforce is juggling more devices than ever. Edge Sync can streamline managing your data in this chaotic setting with automated folder synchronization. With a click, files and folders can be synced across PCs for immediate access, no matter where they were created, so your workforce can get what they need, when they need it. No longer will employees be required to go outside IT to consumer cloud services.


Gain the Edge

In protection, productivity, and risk-reduction

CommVault Edge will keep your edge data backed-up and in sync, giving your workforce unparalleled access that is secure and efficient. They'll spend more time working and less time calling the helpdesk, which means a more productive environment for backup and IT administrators, with less risk across the board.


of organizations report that IT spends a lot of time retrieving files for people1.

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CommVault Edge Mobile App Demo: Sharing on the Go

In this short demo, see how you can retrieve and share information created on Simpana-protected laptops and desktops rapidly and securely through the CommVault Edge mobile app. With CommVault Edge you'll be able to deliver secure data portability and self-service access to employees' personal "data cloud". Gain the Edge and accelerate workforce productivity efficiently while reducing risk for workers on the go.

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Sync for CommVault Edge

Ensure workers can always get to their most recent files regardless of the computer they were created on. Thanks to automated synchronization of specified folders, they can share their work across their Simpana-protected laptops and desktops. Watch the video to see how Sync for CommVault Edge can help make workers more productive while bringing protection and control for data at the edge.

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Show Me Simpana – Access to Corporate Data like Never Before

In this short video, learn how Simpana 10 enables IT departments to provide access to corporate data like never before. All users can easily and simply access corporate information from any notebook, tablet, SmartPhone, or web-enabled device, ultimately freeing IT up to work on more strategic initiatives.

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Simpana 10 Information Governance - Compliance Search and Legal Hold Demo

As unstructured data continues to grow, ensuring adherence to information governance policies is becoming even more important. This short video walks you through the Simpana 10 Compliance Search functionality, showing how file previews and indexing makes finding what you're looking for fast and easy. Putting that data into legal hold is then just a click away.

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