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IDC Product Flash - An Intelligent Archive

Analyst Report




This IDC Flash analyzes the archiving capabilities of CommVault's Simpana solution and evaluates the impact
the offering has had on CommVault's archiving business.


The archiving market is facing a mix of challenges and opportunities because of rapid development within the IT
industry. Explosion of data growth is coinciding with stagnant IT budgets and an increased need to retain more of
this growing data for the purpose of governance or resiliency. The ability to efficiently access, analyze, and unlock
the value within corporate data has also become a critical requirement for many organizations. Regardless of the
drivers behind data retention, organizations that fail to optimize the way they manage and retain their data will be
forced to deal with constant increases in storage costs. Those that do address such problems must do so without
introducing new risks. Further complicating matters, IT departments today are being asked to retain data from a
variety of sources while keeping a watchful eye on changeable internal and external regulations. Clearly, the
practice of managing and preserving data is becoming more complex. IDC believes the archiving capabilities of
CommVault's Simpana software address this increasingly complex practice of managing, preserving, and
accessing today's corporate data in an efficient and thus cost-effective way.

CommVault's Archiving Business and Offering

CommVault is a relatively small yet fast-growing supplier within the archiving software market. According to
IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software QView, the CY12 archiving software market was worth $1.4
billion in revenue. CommVault was among the top 10 players during the year but held a relatively modest 3.9%
share of market revenue. That said, CommVault's archiving revenue grew 26% during the year.

CommVault challenges the archiving software market with its single data management platform, Simpana 10,
which combines archiving with (among other important functions) data protection. Simpana 10 is CommVault's
scalable and unified data management platform built to deliver backup, recovery, archiving, replication,
reporting, and search capabilities for corporate data from a single software suite. Key to CommVault's recent
strong growth within the archiving software market is Simpana OnePass, which is built into Simpana 10.

With CommVault's Simpana OnePass, organizations can gain additional benefits of boosting productivity,
controlling cost, and reducing risks by deploying archiving software through a converged-backup-andarchiving
scheme. Instead of creating multiple copies for backup and archive, Simpana OnePass performs
single data collection with source deduplication, where only changed and new data will be collected. To
differentiate backup from archiving, the software provides retention flexibility to more closely align data
retention policies for both. Earlier this year, the company launched Reference Copy, a content-based retention
capability that has policy-driven rules for deep retention. With this capability, users can design and customize
the data they want to retain and how they want to retain it. For IT teams, this means storage is optimized
because only relevant data is retained. For legal and compliance teams, risk is managed because only data
with business, compliance, or evidentiary value is retained, while data that does not meet these standards is
defensibly deleted from a single source. These features make Simpana OnePass and Reference Copy
particularly useful for customers trying to manage growth in highly regulated industries. Along with these
features, CommVault will also provide a records management service to review customers' regulations and
retention requirements and then design solutions tailored to the specific needs of that customer.

Once the right data is collected, it is then transferred and managed in Simpana's ContentStore, a scalable, virtual
repository. CommVault combines ContentStore with a content-based indexing search feature, which enables
users to locate targeted records within the large pools of information. Once data is ingested into the ContentStore,
data becomes a usable asset that can be used by a variety of users across the enterprise. For example, some
eDiscovery and compliance complexities are addressed by allowing data to be managed and accessed through
the central collection and deletion point. Legal and compliance teams are enabled with self-service, role-based
access to reduce cost and risk. To boost productivity even more, self-service access is provided transparently to
end users through a VMware plug-in, a Web-based console, CommVault Edge mobile apps, and ContentStore
Mail. Combined, all of these features are intended to help reduce data record redundancy, minimize management
complexity and governance risks, and ultimately drive down the storage costs of an archiving environment.