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Case Study: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Case Study



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center protects vital patient and medical data, reduces backup times by 40 percent with Commvault® Software.



• Decade-long deployment of legacy data backup solutions was fraught with performance and reliability problems

• Major gaps in reporting made it difficult to manage backups, requiring an inordinate amount of administrative overhead

• Medical data requires long retention periods for best practices and HIPAA compliance, which exacerbated continuous growth and strained data protection



Commvault Software Backup & Recovery



• Commvault software’s singular platform enables improved management, access and ability to recover data more efficiently and with less risk

• Backup success rates of 99 percent and expedited simplified recoveries, elevating overall data protection. This includes the protection of more than 400 clinical and business applications, and a BIDMC custom clinical application called Center for Clinical Computing (CCC) that leverages InterSystems CACHÉ

• Centralized management and policy automation streamlines operations and reduces administration, significantly lowering overhead and cutting time spent on backups by 40 percent

• Flexible licensing provides unprecedented flexibility in changing licenses without penalties in order to keep pace with ever-evolving environment