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ESG: How to Build a Strategic Archive

Analyst Report



ESG has long argued that it is not a question of if organizations are going to archive; it’s how. For years, organizations have reacted passively to digital information retention requirements by electing to put in place minimal resources to preserve information for compliance, legal, business reference, or system optimization purposes. Most companies have dealt with the archiving market’s evolving dynamics by addressing an immediate need rather than by building any type of long-term strategy.

Today, when a long-term archive strategy supported by adaptable technology solutions isn’t in place, potential costs rise even further: The already-flawed situation is exacerbated by explosive information growth (frequently called “big data” because the explosion is driven by higher content volumes and larger file sizes), increasing demand for end-user data access, tight budgets, and other factors.

Companies can continue to try to keep up by making tactical-level archiving process and technology decisions. Or they can embrace an archive strategy that balances solutions for today’s pressing issues and with flexibility to address future retention requirements.

Of course, changing one’s purchasing behavior relative to archiving is entirely dependent on the appropriate solutions being available. This paper discusses the reasons ESG believes CommVault Simpana software, a data management platform that delivers backup, archive, search, and analytics capabilities, could be a viable cornerstone of an organization’s information retention strategy. ESG specifically examines Simpana archiving capabilities that organizations may not believe they need now but, given current archive market trends, will be extremely useful to them in the near future.