Control Cost, Risk and Complexity with Content-Based Retention

Simpana software can greatly reduce the cost, complexity and risk of storing business or compliance data through the use of content-based retention policies.  These user-defined policies can be based on criteria such as file name, type, user/group, keyword, Exchange classifications, tagging and more.  Unlike legacy methods that “keep everything,” content-based retention enables enterprises to keep only data that is important to the business. By automatically organizing, classifying and storing only relevant data – you can reduce retention costs up to 70 percent, streamline discovery to improve insight and keep archive data online to accelerate smart decision making.

The Simpana software content-based retention feature uses intelligence from the ContentStore, the back-end repository for all Simpana-managed information, to align policy-driven rules with deep retention. With support for disk, tape or cloud storage, content-based retention enables a streamlined, more intelligent archive accessible for a variety of use cases including compliance, records management, eDiscovery, storage optimization, analytics and more.

Benefits of Content-Based Retention Using Simpana® Reference Copy

  • Reduce long-term retention storage costs and capacity needs by up to 70 percent by eliminating data that has no value
  • Streamline information lifecycle management with automated policies to classify, organize, retain and delete information
  • Enable efficient online archives with seamless cloud storage integration for faster business access & insight
  • Reduce the burden on end-users for classification
  • Simplify discovery, legal holds and review for file and email data to reduce risk

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