Achieve Maximum Efficiency, Productivity and Protection with Simpana® ContentStore

With CommVault® Simpana software singular architecture, all backup and archive data is stored within the Simpana ContentStore. ContentStore is a hardware agnostic, virtual repository that delivers unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and scale to help your business grow and run optimally—even in the face of ever-increasing volumes of data.

As the back-end repository for all Simpana-managed information, ContentStore consolidates protection and archive data to eliminate inefficient data silos that waste resources and infrastructure. An intelligent index provides global awareness for your data so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Simpana software has a single, deduplicated index across the organically- developed ContentStore, making it the only enterprise-class solution like it in the market. Having a reusable, common repository facilitates better control of applications, processes and data workflow across an enterprise. Ultimately, it delivers information at your fingertips for the better productivity, improved collaboration and smarter decision making that can transform your business.

Reduce Risk with an Integrated Approach to Storing Information

Simpana ContentStore

Reduce Complexity and Cost with Built-in Automation, Reporting and Data Storage Flexibility

  • Simplify complex tasks with workflow automation and user-defined policies that free administrators to focus on more strategic business challenges
  • Take the guess work out of planning for the future by using customized reporting to track and trend capacity usage
  • Seamlessly upgrade or move from one hardware or cloud infrastructure to another to reduce technology lock in

Increase Productivity with Increased Access to Information

  • Provide anytime, anywhere self-service access to information through a web console, mobile app or application plug-ins
  • Accelerate eDiscovery and compliance requests with integrated search across all enterprise information within the ContentStore

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