Simpana OnePass for Backup and Archive

Data growth, flat budgets and resource constraints are making the convergence of backup and archive one of today's hottest trends. CommVault's Simpana OnePass feature is the industry's first converged process for backup, archive and reporting from a single data collection and common infrastructure. It allows you to solve massive file and email growth problems with zero footprint archiving and no additional overhead, while managing the retention and storage of content based on its value to the business. With Simpana OnePass technology, you can better manage your information in order to gain intelligence, cut costs and reduce operational complexity.

With a single, low-impact scan, the Simpana OnePass feature incorporates protection, retention, reporting and access for growing file and email environments. Accessible via a single console, automated policies manage data in the Simpana ContentStore—the efficient, virtual repository that provides a flexible and efficient way to store, access and understand your data. Content-based retention through the Simpana OnePass Reference Copy feature takes advantage of ContentStore intelligence to store only data valuable to the business. With this capability, users can design and customize the data they want to retain and how they want to retain it.

Simpana OnePass technology leverages embedded technologies like source-side data deduplication and encryption to help you optimize storage and securely and efficiently retain data on any disk, tape or cloud storage service.

Benefits of Simpana OnePass for Backup and Archive

  • Integrate archive, backup and reporting into a single process to eliminate operational complexity and reduce cost
  • Simplify administration and reduce infrastructure without adding staffing resources
  • Eliminate data silos, reclaim primary storage, improve application performance and shrink backup windows
  • Improve access and increase storage efficiencies with a common index and globally deduplicated backup and archive virtual repository
  • Easily meet legal and regulatory requirements with a single collection, deletion and point of access to all relevant business information using the Simpana ContentStore
  • Access valuable insight with optimized collection and classification policies with integrated reporting and analytics
  • Achieve content-based retention to only keep files and emails important to your business

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