Virtual Machine Integration

CommVault® Simpana software leverages deep integration into the virtual infrastructure to deliver advanced data management capabilities designed to:

Automate Protection of Virtual Machines

Get a handle on virtual machine sprawl with customized options for virtual machine auto-protection. Build on CommVault Simpana software's industry leading capabilities for policy-based auto-protection of virtual machines to ensure no VM goes unprotected. Auto-protection rules leverage deep integration into the virtual platform for Microsoft® Hyper-V, VMware® vCenter and vCloud Director solutions to deliver more flexibility than ever before.

  • Customize discovery rules to include or exclude VMs based on affinity rules for datastores, resource pools, VDCs, VM names, and a host of other options
  • Combine, mix and match discovery rules for full customization

Increase Scale and Resiliency of Virtual Machine Protection

CommVault Simpana software delivers even more scalable and more resilient VM backup and data protection so that you can grow seamlessly from initial deployment to cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes with IntelliSnap technology
  • Deploy highly scalable, highly resilient virtual machine protection in a "Grid-based" Architecture
  • Minimize performance impact on production hosts related to data protection operations
  • Unify data protection of physical and virtual environments
  • Support cross-platform (VMware vCenter, vCloud Director and Microsoft HyperV) protection in a single platform solution

Fearlessly Virtualize Mission-Critical Applications

Virtualization raises the bar when it comes to application SLA requirements by delivering on the promise of 24x7 operations. This demands a data management solution that is aware of dynamic workloads, consolidated resources and cloud-based computing models. CommVault Simpana software is built with this in mind to let you confidently virtualize even the most demanding applications.

  • Ensure consistency for rapid application recovery with deep application integration
  • Meet demanding business critical application SLAs with scalable protection for sub-hour RPOs and RTOs of minutes or seconds
  • Accelerate application level recovery with granular protection and retention options

Accelerate Recovery of Virtual Machine Data

Your virtual machine data protection strategy is only good as the recovery requirements you can meet. CommVault Simpana software lets you rapidly recover any type of data residing across the virtual environment to ensure rapid and agile responses.

  • Go beyond simple "file, volume, full VM recovery" with a huge array of recovery automation and tools designed to accelerate VM recovery operations
  • Recover business critical applications in minutes or seconds
  • Achieve rapid RPO and RTO requirements with IntelliSnap embedded array-based snapshot management

Accelerate and Simplify Disaster Recovery with "Virtualize Me"

Modern IT organizations are recognizing that the encapsulation and portability capabilities inherent with virtualization can be a powerful way to simplify disaster recovery operations and accelerate recovery. CommVault Simpana software delivers "Virtualize Me", an automated process for creating a VM from a backup copy.

  • Simplify disaster recovery test and operations by eliminating matching hardware and driver requirements
  • Automate the provisioning, creation and restore of system state copies to a disaster recovery site running a virtual platform

Eliminate Resource Waste Due To VM Sprawl

Most organizations today are wasting valuable compute, memory, network, and storage resources because of VM sprawl. VM sprawl is the result of the creation of virtual machines for short term use cases that are not decommissioned at the end of their useful life. CommVault can help eliminate this problem with features to detect and manage VM sprawl.

  • VM provisioning provides end-users the ability to create and manage VMs they own without providing access to VMware vCenter or another management console
  • VM archiving detects idle/stale VMs, and provides a customizable process to help reclaim wasted resources for redeployment to more critical applications

Deliver Self Service for Streamlined Management

Scaling out the virtual infrastructure is about operational efficiency. CommVault Simpana software delivers, by offering more self-service capabilities than ever before.

  • A vCenter plug-in enabling secure access to virtual machine data for recovery
  • A Web console for access and management to enable end user self-service
  • A self-service catalog that gives users the ability to select their own service level and scheduling agreements

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