Workflow Automation

Simpana software delivers advanced workflow and automation capabilities designed to deliver streamlined management and optimized resource utilization.

Advanced Workflow Automation for Large Scale Operations Management

Simpana software's workflow automation capabilities let you automate what would otherwise be repetitive or highly complex manual data management tasks.

Select from an extensive catalog of pre-built workflows for typical tasks (such as "Register New Clients"), or create your own custom workflows using an intuitive graphical user interface. Using these advanced tools, administrators can automate business tasks by bringing together sets of individual tasks in a specific order or decision tree.

Automate Critical Data Management Tasks

The policy-based approach embedded natively in every Simpana software data management task helps deliver streamlined management and optimized resource utilization.

  • Automate Storage Tiering - Optimize data retention, data access and cost considerations by implementing automated storage tiering that ensures high value data is available for rapid access while archive and compliance data is retained in cost effective secondary storage pools
  • Virtual Machine Auto-Protection - Manage virtual machine sprawl with fully custom options for auto-discovery and protection of virtual machines
  • Automatic System Registration - During initial setup, client laptops/desktops "call home" to centralized IT for remote configuration

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