Cloud Operations and Management

With more applications being 'born' in the cloud, the need for smart tools to manage cloud operations becomes key — especially in dev/test teams, where time and resources are at a premium.

In many organizations, development and test teams are leading the charge into the public cloud as they seek ways to iterate through dev/test cycles and bring new apps to market faster and more efficiently. But non-technical teams have cloud requirements, too — and they want things to be as simple as possible so they can just focus on putting those apps to use. Commvault delivers on both fronts. For dev/test teams, we make it easy to port workloads across clouds, with self-service provisioning for faster versioning and shorter cycle times. For operations teams, we cut the complexity from cloud management to optimize the deployment and use of cloud resources.

Workload portability across multiple clouds

When dev/test teams are looking to bring their apps to as broad a market as possible, portability is essential. Because every IT environment is different, an application developed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) should also be able to run on VMware vSphere or be used on premises with Microsoft Hyper-V. This means workload portability is essential when you’re looking to bring your apps to as broad a market as possible. With built-in support for AWS, VMware, Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure, Commvault software makes it easy to port workloads across multiple cloud platforms at the same time.

Faster versioning for reduced cycle times

Our software helps you accelerate application development and reduce cycle times by making it easier to manage the versioning process. With a standard user interface for all major cloud platforms and built-in workflow automation tools, we simplify the deployment of new software packages into your VMs while generating daily snapshots for rollback purposes. As older versions of apps are replaced and retired, our software automatically maintains archived copies, allowing you to go back to an older version of the app or its data, even if it lives in the cloud.

More efficient cloud provisioning


Application and line-of-business owners are often tasked with deploying applications to the cloud or leveraging public cloud resources. Commvault offers an intuitive web-based graphical user interface that automates provisioning and management across multiple public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. Cloud-based apps and VMs can be created and deployed in just a few clicks, without requiring operations teams to be expert in any particular platform.

Our software also makes it possible to manage VMs and cloud images across their entire lifecycle more efficiently. In one single view, line-of-business owners can see all cloud instances being run and attach data-protection strategies to them no matter where they're deployed.

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