Email and Enterprise Applications

Email along with enterprise applications are the heart of the business. You need to keep the business running by ensuring information is readily available with no downtime. Considering 60% of business-critical information is stored in email, reliable backup and recovery is essential. Commvault gives you unlimited scalability as your needs increase, keeping your applications protected as you grow. Unlike other backup solutions, our converged backup and archive process provides the storage savings you’re looking for, with little additional overhead - while giving your end users seamless access to all messages.

One Solution for Email Backup and Recovery

An award-winning Microsoft technology partner, Commvault gives you one solution to protect a wide range of applications, including SharePoint, Exchange and Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and more. We also support SAP enterprise software solutions and other enterprise email and collaboration tools such as IBM Notes.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, with rapid recovery and automated archiving helping to optimize operational efficiency and reduce storage costs.


Give your users the freedom of self-service email recovery, including direct access through Outlook.


Commvault supports SAP environments with MaxDB, Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2 databases, and also provides protection for SAP HANA environments.

End-to-end protection of your email applications

Commvault gives your enterprise a single solution to backup, restore and archive your important messaging applications.


Automated Snapshot Management

Simplify backup and recovery through a single solution that integrates multiple tools, including hardware snapshots to accelerate recovery and automate database archival


Rapid Recovery

Shorten backup windows and reduce storage costs by enabling easy, self-service access to all archived email.


Self-service Access

Give end users the ability to search and recover missing or deleted messages, without IT intervention to boost productivity.

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Here are selections from our resource library, which includes a wide range of videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and more to further explain how Commvault can help you make your data work for you.

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