Ensure business continuity by building a disaster recovery site in the cloud activated whenever it’s needed — seamlessly and automatically.

The cloud and virtualization should make disaster recovery easier. Yet building a disaster recovery site in the cloud often requires extra scripts and manual processes to integrate with on-premises infrastructure, both of which can add cost and complexity. Commvault helps streamline and simplify disaster recovery in the cloud with a single software solution that features deeper integration, automation and flexibility across multiple VM and cloud platforms — letting you apply disaster recovery capabilities to all your workloads without breaking your budget.

Seamless integration between your premises and the cloud

Our backup, replication and disaster recovery functionality is fully integrated across your entire IT infrastructure, from your on-premises physical and virtual infrastructure all the way up to the public cloud. Instead of requiring you to stitch together multiple, siloed disaster recovery solutions, our software seamlessly works across all platforms and technologies to provide you with more efficient and scalable cloud-based recovery.

Amazon Web Services: We simplify disaster recovery to Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering complete integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Glacier for day-to-day file recovery and long-term content storage.

Microsoft Azure: We can turn your Azure cloud into a natural extension of your on-premises data center’s disaster recovery capabilities, complete with the same high levels of data security, encryption and access control.

Less manual. Less risk.

By automating your disaster recovery workflows, and with integrated cloud-management policies, our software simplifies disaster recovery in the cloud — reducing the risk of human error associated with manual disaster recovery. Everything is managed from a single software solution including built-in alerting, monitoring and reporting. And with Commvault you can recover your systems directly from the cloud. If your production servers go down, our software can automatically restart them from the cloud, giving you a standby version of your data center to get your business backup and running instantly.


Disaster recovery to a private or public cloud

With disaster recovery automation across your VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms, Commvault lets you use a multi-site private cloud to meet end-to-end disaster recovery requirements for every application and workload. Our software provides a single user interface for setting rules and policies across any combination of physical, virtual and cloud environments, enabling more efficient and reliable data management and disaster recovery.

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