Governance of Information and what to keep

Not all data is created equal. But what should you keep because it offers business value? And what should you purge because it increases business risk? The ability to make these decisions with confidence is crucial in today’s compliance-heavy, big data world.

Information governance

Information governance gives organizations the ability to properly manage data to ensure that important information is kept for the appropriate length of time to meet all business objectives, including regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, litigation holds, data sovereignty and data analytics. It also ensures that data is properly preserved and made searchable so that it can be produced when it’s needed. Finally, information governance gives organizations the confidence and ability to compliantly delete unimportant information to reduce corporate risk and cost.

Commvault makes the governance of your information simple – and free from risk.

With policy-driven rules that are aligned with deep retention processes, you’ll reduce your cost, footprint, risk and administrative overhead. Rather than simply keeping everything forever, you can remove access to information when required, and delete the file and reclaim the space it consumed for both defensible deletion and greater capacity management. The result is information governance on your terms, based on the policies and regulations you define to meet your business requirements.

Reduce your storage costs and compliance risk

To further reduce your storage costs and compliance risk with clearly defined strategies for data classification, archiving and retention, explore Commvault’s business consulting services for data classification and archive policy design. Here, Commvault’s expert business consultants can help you design an optimal data classification and archive environment to transform your existing information governance and archive strategy with the policies and implementation plans that will meet both business and legal requirements for compliance, electronic records retrieval and eDiscovery.

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