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Information is increasingly being created and stored on local devices that are outside IT's traditional domain. There is an enormous risk associated with leaving sensitive corporate data unprotected – according to a global study, the average total cost of a data breach is $3.5 million. Gain control of that business critical data with Commvault Endpoint Data Protection. Its efficient and secure endpoint backup is just the beginning. Commvault technology reduces cost and risk by protecting against data breaches and enabling enterprise-wide compliance and eDiscovery. It also increases productivity across the enterprise through self-service capabilities for data restore, secure file sharing and advanced data analytics and reporting.

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Commvault Edge® Capabilities:

  • Endpoint backup and recovery
    (laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones)*
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration
  • Compliance and eDiscovery
  • Security and Data loss prevention
  • Data analytics and reporting
*Not all features are available on all devices

IDC Critical Need for Edge Data Protection

Rapid endpoint backup and recovery.

Lower risk & reduce cost with fast and transparent endpoint data protection

It all starts with best-in-class data protection with low impact to end users. Commvault technology helps you gain control of endpoint data with rapid, efficient, secure and transparent laptop and desktop protection, featuring source-side deduplication, opportunistic scheduling, and bandwidth throttling.

  • Lower business risk by protecting your intellectual property with a
    policy driven approach.
  • Increase productivity with anywhere, anytime access to protected data
    through a web portal, mobile app and natively in Windows Explorer.
  • Deliver self-service search, download and restore capabilities that allow
    users to make the most of their content while reducing the burden on
  • Avoid the risks inherent with unsanctioned file share and cloud services
    by protecting content on mobile devices with the Commvault Edge app,
    which provides access, edit, and upload capabilities to employees’
    personal data clouds.
  • Easily deploy in adherence to business or regulatory requirements
    on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination.
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2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

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Forrester Wave - Market Overview: Enterprise Endpoint Backup and Recovery Solutions

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Commvault Cloud Commvault Endpoint Data Protection Technology

Secure file sharing.

Regain IT control of corporate data.

Commvault file sharing ensures sensitive business data remains secure in compliance with business requirements while increasing end user collaboration and productivity.

  • Meet regulatory and data governance requirements
    while maintaining enterprise-grade security.
  • Self-service sharing capabilities for files and
    folders will spark enterprise-wide collaboration --
    without employees relying on risky consumer
    cloud services.
  • Store business data in the Edge Drive folder --
    a secure, IT managed repository for all of a user’s data.
  • Improve productivity by keeping files
    synchronized and accessible across devices.

How to Sync, Share & Control Data Securely
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Commvault Edge File Sharing video

Commvault Edge File Sharing
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Commvault Brings Corporate Data Management Best Practices to the File Sync and Share Solution Market
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Commvault Cloud Commvault Edge Secure File Sharing

Integrated Compliance and eDiscovery.

Improve governance with enterprise-wide search, discovery and legal hold

Information that resides on laptops and desktops is often overlooked, ignored, or difficult to capture for the purposes of data governance. With Commvault Endpoint Data Protection technology, you benefit from a unified platform approach to make searching for eDiscovery and compliance information fast and cost-effective.

  • Accelerate legal response times and compliance
    readiness through a single collection and search of all
    electronically stored information (ESI) across your enterprise.
  • Deliver security and efficiency with role-based access
    into legal hold by custodian or user and the ability
    to easily place searched data into legal hold.
  • Allow IT and legal teams to identify, collect, preserve,
    and review potentially relevant content internally,
    reducing the need to outsource to costly consultants,
    legal service providers and 3rd party tools.
Commvault Edge File Sharing video

Compliance Search & Legal Hold
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One Easily Avoidable Pitfall in Your eDiscovery
and Compliance Strategy

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Comprehensive Security & Data Loss Prevention

Protect against data breach with encryption and remote wipe

Advanced security features minimize the risk of critical business data being stolen or lost due to an unforeseen event.

  • Ensure data security and compliance by encrypting data
    in transit and at rest to comply with industry and
    government regulations and standards. Commvault software is FIPS 140-2 certified.
  • Prevent unauthorized access by selective encryption of
    files and folders.
  • Lower risk by selectively wiping corporate data on lost
    or stolen laptops.
  • Prevent data vulnerability on lost or stolen devices by
    using geo-location capability.
  • Improve data security with two-factor authentication,
    SSO with SAML and role based access controls.
Data Loss Prevention with Commvault Edge video

Data Loss Prevention with Commvault Edge
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Commvault cloud Commvault data loss prevention

Visualize your data to gain insights and intelligence.

Make informed decisions with powerful insights

Global reporting capabilities allow IT to quickly identify the status of their data protection environment down to the individual desktops and laptops.

  • Comprehensive and easy to review dashboard helps
    assess compliance requirements.
  • Manage company, group or individual endpoint data
    with insights including file type, age and size.
  • Manage data by locating and removing outdated,
    redundant, and unauthorized files.
  • Improve IT efficiency using a mobile app for
    administrator management.
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Our customers rest easy.

"With Commvault, our employees' data is kept safe. The best part is that Commvault has enabled us to meet our corporate security requirements and the data is backed up and available so that we can have users up and running quickly after a hardware or software incident occurs."

Lisa Romine
Senior Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Acxiom

Acxiom Case Study

Case Study: Acxiom

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Commvault Edge licensing options include per user pricing or per terabyte capacity licensing. Deploy it on its own or as part of a holistic approach to data management across your environment with the Simpana single platform.

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