5 Data Management Tips For A Happy World Backup Day

By Phil Wandrei

World Backup Day is a reminder to think about data management, protecting your important documents and encouraging those around you to do the same. However, why is World Backup Day the day before April Fool’s Day? There is nothing funny about losing your data, whether it is your personal data, including your favorite cat video, or your organization’s data. Both personal and corporate data have significant value to their owner.

Today is the day to verify your backups are running smoothly or re-evaluate making changes to improve your data protection environment. Here are five tips to ensure your organization’s enterprise data protection strategy is up-to-date:

  1. Standardize on a data management platform: Using various point products can be labor intensive, impede Service Level Agreements (SLA) and create risk through complexity. How much easier and cost effective would it be to have one data protection platform to manage and monitor your entire environment, starting from when data was created until its retirement? 
  2. Trust, but verify the cloud: As we recently witnessed, putting all your data in the cloud does not automatically create data nirvana (refer to When a Cloud has an Outage, What is your Data Recovery Plan?). Rather, organizations must continually ensure their data is protected at all times and wherever it exists, including granular cloud regions. What if you could always know where your data lives and how quickly you can recover data from the cloud? 
  3. Streamline your application protection: Faced with the exponential growth of applications and data, many organizations find it challenging to keep their data protected as it moves from dev/test to production to archiving, let alone extract value from it at the same time. What if you could improve application performance, accelerate innovation, reduce costs and bring data copies under control? 
  4. Round up those virtual machines: Nearly every organization has become virtualized. While virtualization has provided significant benefits to organizations, it has created a new set of challenges. Due to virtual machine sprawl, not all VMs are known and therefore covered by a data protection policy. What is your level of confidence that all current hypervisors are under your control and a data protection policy? Have you bet your career on it? 
  5. Ensure endpoint coverage: From customer dissatisfaction, lost revenue, regulatory sanctions, to being a late-night talk show host’s punch-line, the business risk of lost data is exponential. Can your organization afford the cost and publicity of lost data, regardless if it resides in the data center or endpoints? 

To learn more about protecting your organizations’ data, read 5 Steps to Go Beyond Efficient Data Protection. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get started, try a free trial of Commvault VM backup and recovery solution. Try it out firsthand and rest easy knowing your data is protected. 

Happy World Backup Day!