8 Out Of 10 IT Leaders Have Cloud FOMO – Do You?

By Don Foster

Have you ever stood at a fork in the pathway at customs, or in a grocery store checkout line, or even at a concert, wondering if the choice you made – the path that you took – would lead to a faster, more rewarding experience than the one you didn’t? The comment that rings in your head – “I always choose the wrong line” – is your internal FOMO (fear of missing out) that strikes when worried about catching a flight, getting home with food in time for the game, or making that opening act.

Guess what? We discovered that IT leaders have similar anxiety when thinking about the cloud and cloud technologies. Yes, you read the headline on this blog right – 8 out of 10 IT leaders were either extremely or very concerned about missing out on cloud advancements. These leaders have FOMO when it comes to keeping up with developments in cloud offerings.

For full details, explore the new survey data from Commvault and CITO Research:
“2017 Executive Cloud Survey: What IT Leaders Are Worried About.”

Public and private cloud vendors – some of the largest companies in tech and in the world – are in a competitive race to make the cloud a more efficient, flexible and fast part of every organization’s overall business strategy. In such a competitive – and exciting – cloud era, it is hard for IT leaders to keep up with new announcements or even know which path to take for their company.

Cloud adoption is underway, even in a rapidly changing market

Frequent news coverage shows cloud vendors announcing new regional cloud data centers, additional features, or updated pricing models. For C-level and IT leaders, keeping up with the cloud is a vital part of advancing the digital transformation strategies that CEOs are demanding.

Ninety-three percent of surveyed IT leaders say they are moving processes to the cloud, but only 37 percent feel that they have identified their ideal footprint and have begun migration.

At the same time, 87 percent of surveyed IT leaders (below graphic) say they plan to increase their budget for the cloud.

Even as more IT teams adopt cloud, there are barriers holding back workload migration. The sheer volume of data that is planned to move, and the people to manage cloud projects and consistent polices are the top barriers noted in the new research.

Data is core to cloud migration projects

Despite the cloud FOMO, the surveyed IT leaders have a clear view of what they need to do with cloud in order to continue to change their organization to a modern workplace. This digital transformation is underway in many companies. No one is ‘finished’ with modernizing IT and business processes to take advantage of cloud computing.

The surveyed IT leaders noted the cloud projects they see as most impactful to their business:

Clearly, starting with data is a good idea. To get started on your cloud data management strategy, work with a provider who comprehensively understands data protection, management and accessibility. Commvault software helps customers become data experts, able to use their data to make strategic business decisions, provide better customer service and improve their organizations.

Explore the new research that details the top cloud concerns – the fear of missing out – that are on the minds of IT leaders like you. Then, let’s talk about your cloud data management strategy. We will make sure you choose the ‘right line’ so that you will make that flight and be ready for the all-important opening act.