Accelerate Azure Migration – And Value – With Commvault

By Bill Byron Concevitch

Commvault doesn’t make the Azure cloud – it makes the Azure cloud better

Years ago, BASF delivered an award-winning advertising campaign that made its brand even more of a household name than it was at the time. The theme of the campaign was simple. It went like this: “At BASF we don’t make the (insert product name) – we make the (insert product name) better.”

One of the products was magnetic recording tape, so the actual commercial sounded like this: “We don’t make the recording tape – we make the recording tape better.”  It’s ironic that one of the products was magnetic tape, as isn’t this what many customers are looking to rid themselves of by going to the cloud?

The Cloud Challenge

With all the promise of the cloud, customers are still looking to improve their ability to migrate data – not only to the cloud – but from the cloud, as needed, maintaining control and knowing what data they have and where they have it.

One executive summed it up very well in a recent conversation: “Believe me, I love the cloud and what it can potentially deliver. What I don’t like is the feeling of lack of control of my data once it’s in the cloud.  If I can solve that, I’m in. If not, I’m cautious.”

The Azure Advantage

There’s no doubt Microsoft Azure is one of the top two public cloud options today – and it appears to be gaining ground on the well-known No. 1. Add to the equation that Azure Stack now allows you to replicate the feel and flexibility of Azure public cloud right in your on-premises operations, and Azure’s appeal gets even more compelling.  Plus with their focus on hosting complex, mission-critical applications effectively, I believe we will continue to see Azure’s market share of the overall cloud market grow for extremely compelling reasons.

How Commvault makes the Azure Cloud better

But migrating quickly – to wherever your data needs to be, and maintaining complete visibility into and control over that data – is what will begin to alleviate the fears of the executive I spoke with, and possibly your same concerns. 

Here’s exactly how Commvault makes the Azure Cloud better:

  • Native Azure integration speeds migration into Azure: Using Azure (and Azure Stack) APIs enables Commvault software to accomplish quick migration without the need for additional third-party tools or plug-ins.
  • A single view of your data solves the visibility (and compliance) issue: Once Commvault software “sees” the data, it provides a view into where the data resides, what’s in it, and can even make recommendations on how and where to best store it.
  • Ability to pull data into Azure from literally anywhere removes limitations: When you combine Azure with Commvault software, you have the ability to pull your data into Azure from virtually anywhere.  Whether it’s your existing on-premises storage, hypervisors, applications, big data, SaaS or other clouds, Commvault provides the broadest integration in the industry to all of these. And you can also seamlessly move it between Azure and Azure Stack.
  • Automation of routine tasks reduces risk and cost: Through a really powerful policy engine, Commvault software automates routine tasks in both migration and in data protection. This can lead to eliminating the danger of potential human error, while reducing hours of administration and cost.

Add to these advantages that Commvault software is utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow backup and recovery processes to self-optimize and also leverage Microsoft’s work in AI, and you have the start of very compelling reasons to feel you can remain in control of your data while taking full advantage of the Azure Cloud.  In addition, you enhance your ability to effectively comply with regulations and potentially thwart that next ransomware attack before it brings down your operation and causes significant brand damage.

Adding Commvault software to your Azure Cloud makes sure your data is protected, recoverable and discoverable.

Remember, Commvault doesn’t make the Azure Cloud – we make the Azure Cloud better.