AWS Outposts Launch Changes Cloud Opportunity For You

Commvault data protection for Outposts is now fully tested and validated

By Rahul Pawar, Ricardo Santos and Vidya Shankaran

What is AWS Outposts?

At its recent re:Invent conference, AWS attendees (more than 60,000) learned about the release of Outposts. Simply explained, AWS Outposts brings a consistent hybrid cloud experience to customers.  AWS Outposts is a fully-managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to virtually any data center, co-location, or remote/branch facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. This is ideal for low latency applications that require near real-time responses.

For workloads that need to remain on-premises or in countries where there is no AWS region, Outposts brings the simplicity of cloud while addressing your data sovereignty concerns.

Commvault offers the following for AWS Outposts:

Agile API-driven EC2 Instance backup/restore

  • Using a native approach for VM instance backup, Commvault can protect your EC2 instances in a non-intrusive manner
  • From a VM level backup, file level granular restores can be performed for maximum efficiency
  • Commvault’s AppAware brings application consistency and granular restorability for a wide array of applications.

Simplified Snapshot Management of EC2 Instances

  • Leverage Commvault’s IntelliSnap technology for snapshot lifecycle management

Wide catalogue of application support

  • Commvault’s Application protection catalogue provides wide and broad support for applications that can run on Outposts

Smart-tiering capabilities for longer-term retention

  • Backup copy of Snap to S3 for longer retention and tiering of data from S3 to S3 IA, Glacier and deep archive.

Highly customizable user interface for granular control

  • Configurable multi-tenant framework with powerful access control

Multiple protection methodologies for flexibility

  • Take a cloud-native API approach for protecting Outposts instances for cloud simplicity and management
  • Use IntelliSnap for snapshot lifecycle management and replication and more
  • Agent-based approach for data sovereignty when external cloud access is restricted

Integrated deduplication, encryption and compression with support for backup to Amazon S3, Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive for currently supported Outpost Hypervisors.

The Commvault competitive advantage for AWS

As highlighted by Andy Jassy at AWS re:Invent, “There is no compression algorithm for experience.” 

This resonates deeply with what Commvault has been doing for more than 20 years as we continue to deliver for our customers and partners. With insights that come only with experience, Commvault has a strong position to continue to help our customers and partners future-proof their hybrid cloud capabilities such as AWS Outposts.

For customers who want to retain their data 100 percent on-site and cannot expose their environments to the cloud, are they precluded from reaping the benefits of AWS Outpost’s flexibility until S3 tier is added to Outposts in 2020?

Absolutely not. That is where Commvault comes in to ensure that by using agent-based backup (core of Commvault’s capabilities), customers have the option to back up data from AWS Outposts onto disks within their on-premises itself.  This does not expose the data into AWS S3 (Public Cloud). Customers and partners continue to be in control of their data! Win-Win!

Commvault also has more robust coverage for rapidly migrating diverse workloads into AWS from other platforms (or other clouds) and protecting these workloads. The elastic nature of our infrastructure allows for customers to easily scale up/scale down versus permanent compute/storage resources.  Our solution is much more flexible and scalable for businesses moving into hybrid cloud and multi cloud.