Backup, Replication And Snapshot – When To Use Which?

By Anders Stinger

In the business of data, knowledge is king.

I first had the pleasure of seeing George Crump at his full house presentation during Commvault GO 2016 in Orlando, Fla. His audience was overflowing with eager listeners, in spite of Hurricane Matthew slowly approaching. I have since kept an eye on StorageSwiss and its take on various market and industry topics. While enjoying some time away from the office, I kept up with some light beach reading. On one such perusing of things, I ran across Crump’s latest ‘going back to basics’ take on the fundamentals of data protection and the need to be able to mix and match. Maybe I was roused by the clouds interrupting my sunny morning, but his call-out that not all data is created equal was something so obvious and often overlooked that I had to chime in!

The article did a fantastic job of laying out the core elements of ‘how’ one can protect their data. The next logical step is to figure out ‘why’ you need have multiple options available. I commented earlier that not all data is created equal, but with the variety and value of data constantly changing you can’t just paint it all with one brush. You need to intelligently manage those assets based on the needs of the business.

But how?

Knowledge! You need to know your data before you can manage it. What data is out there? Where is it? Who owns it? What is the value of it? This need for knowledge mirrors very closely to the ‘5 Fundamentals of Data Management’ discussed by Commvault Chairman, President and CEO, Bob Hammer and in his recent keynote address at Commvault GO 2016.

It is not enough to only look through the lens of the server or hypervisor. One must have complete insight to the files and applications living within, their value and their linkages.

It is the data, after all, that is the treasure needing protection. Without the proper visibility and insight, you risk managing the right data the wrong way or worse – not protecting it at all. If you know what you have, you can manage it correctly and derive greater value from it.

Commvault has always held the data as the cornerstone of business, and with that in mind we set out to ensure that you have information about that data so that you can make informed decisions and set the right plans in place.

Ultimately, knowing what you have allows you to intelligently and securely manage those assets, wherever they are, whatever they are. Knowledge lets you apply the right policies to the right data sets. With that in mind, I can go back to enjoying the rest of my relaxing vacation.