11 Resolutions for Women in Tech as Shared by Commvault Female Leaders

The Commvault Women in Technology employee resource group asked leaders around the organization to share ideas for a resolution that women in tech can make in this new year. These ideas can inspire women and mentors to help women advance in 2022.

What advancements will be made by women in technology this year? We know women are still vastly outnumbered in the tech industry, but there are many people working to advocate, sponsor, and mentor new leaders.

Talented women make an impact at Commvault every day – designing, building, communicating, supporting, and delivering impactful data management solutions that help organizations around the globe.

The Commvault Women in Technology employee resource group asked leaders around the organization to share ideas for a resolution that women in tech can make in this new year. These ideas can inspire women and mentors to help women advance in 2022.

What is a resolution that women in tech can make for the new year?

Danielle Sheer, Chief Legal Officer At a time when businesses finally understand (backed by data!) that women and diverse talent undeniably positively impact the success of a company, it is more important than ever for women to be supporting women. We have a chance to change the dynamics not for a single woman, but for entire companies and communities. One woman alone may have power, collectively we have impact. Together with our colleagues from all races, genders, and backgrounds, we will make our teams, our companies and our communities stronger and smarter. The time is now.
Kelly Chan, Area Vice President, Metallic Sales, APJ As the year draws to a close and I watch my daughter grow, I continue to embrace the opportunity for all growing young women to realize their potential and interest in deep tech, to make an impact in advancing women’s influence in science and technology.
Prashanti Koti, Chief of Staff, Engineering Women should help and uplift other women as they try to navigate challenges in the workplace or as they are entering the tech field. We should all be available to help each other succeed together.
Suzanne Klausner, Director, Customer Education Strategy The best gift we can give ourselves is the gift of learning. My resolution for 2022 focuses on three areas: I want to continually improve my knowledge of Commvault technology, target an area of growth for my professional development, and find a new hobby or skill that I will enjoy outside of work.
Vidya Shankaran, Field CTO, Chief Technology Office Be your own spokesperson, create a brand for yourself, and be the CEO of your career. Speak up and ask for what YOU want from your career. And remember never to shy away from asking for help. Keep re-skilling yourself, keep learning, and feel confident to take on new opportunities; As the saying goes “a chance not taken is an opportunity lost.”
Miranda Foster, Vice President, Communications I believe that 2022 will be a breakout year for Women in Technology. Women have more opportunities than ever as advocacy for gender equality increases and more resources are available to help women excel in their organization. I encourage women to take advantage of these resources. Reach out to colleagues, peers and people they admire. And most importantly are my three E’s: embrace, encourage, and  empathize with all folks across your organization, but especially women—we are after all, chartering toward a shared goal.
Geeta Vaghela, Senior Director, Portfolio Product Managements I recently read Indra Nooyi’s book “My Life in Full.”  She references a quote from her mother, “leave your crown in the garage.” While reflecting on this quote, I was reminded that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Far too often we get caught up in titles, status, and unconscious biases and experience, potentially failing to really listen to everyone equally. This year I’d like to do whatever I can: using my voice, space, self-discipline, and opportunities to change this.
Parisa Bazl, Head of User Experience (UX), Commvault I find I am most motivated when I am really enjoying myself.  Struggles are a natural part of being a woman in technology, so it’s important to find what you like most about your job and make sure you focus your time and energy on those things.
Maithreyi Rao, Manager, Customer Support Always be open to stretch assignments and go after opportunities – even if you feel you are not fully qualified for the role. Also, stay relevant to the current technology trends and resolve to pick up a new skill every year. Subscribe to social media platforms and e-learning websites like industry blogs, podcasts, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, or the Commvault free on-demand learning library. Then, provide visibility to your professional skills on LinkedIn. This can open doors to new opportunities and will definitely help grow your network!
Colleen Cormier, Area Vice President, Sales The close of every year is my opportunity to be still and take stock of how balanced and centered my life is in the categories of personal, professional, family, and community.  Every year my answer has been the same: my life is out of balance with work in the lead and everything/everyone else trailing woefully behind.  At the close of 2021, I feel extreme gratitude and humility for the lessons the universe has forcefully taught the world and how timely the lessons were for me personally. My resolution is to resist the need for radical transformation, make a couple of minor tweaks to my routine, self-reflection, and awareness to allow me to stay present in the categories of personal, professional, family and community.  #BePresent2022
Paola Cannone, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing I think one of the best things to come out of the last couple of years is the flexibility and understanding it has offered to allow people to be parents, mothers and then workers.  As a manager of a team largely composed by women, I’m a strong believer that flexibility is key, especially in this environment. I will always do my best to avoid that any woman in my team must give up their job because of family circumstances. This is certainly made easier by working for a company that not only cares about innovating in product, but also on the model of work.

Making 2022 a Strong Year for Commvault Women in Technology

This year the Commvault Women in Technology employee resource group aims to connect customers, partners, employees, and our community with activities and insights that create and connect a strong community.  Commvault WIT aims to foster advancement of women through networking, mentoring, and education; enabling and empowering leaders to thrive in their careers and drive success.

Expect a busy year from Commvault Women in Tech with opportunities for learning, networking, and engaging across our tech community.

As we kick off 2022, what resolutions would you add to help more women not just get involved in technology, but also advance to leadership roles?

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