15 Years of Amazon S3: A Partner Perspective

By Brian Brockway

This week marks the 15th anniversary of Amazon S3 being launched as the first generally available AWS service. To commemorate the occasion, AWS is hosting Pi Week 2021 – a weeklong virtual event with sessions hosted by AWS leaders and experts discussing different aspects of Amazon S3, ranging from the history of the service to current features, capabilities, and benefits.

We are extremely excited that Commvault was offered the opportunity to participate in this event as a strategic storage partner, working with AWS to enhance the value that Amazon S3 brings to our customers. In Henry Axelrod’s partner-centric blog post he outlines some of the use cases that partners like Commvault are enabling with Amazon S3, with support from executives like our own John Tavares, Vice President of Channels and Alliances, and Rahul Pawar, Global Field CTO.

Fifteen years is an incredible milestone for a product that has revolutionized how customers can store and securely share their data. When I think back to the storage landscape fifteen years ago, the buzz was for thin-provisioned storage arrays promising self-service capabilities so end-users could provision their own storage. Of course, you had to first purchase and deploy the packed sets of the enterprise-class storage arrays to ensure resiliency. I recall, we had many EBCs with proud storage Directors who felt they were best-in-class with one storage specialist dedicated to every 300TB of capacity.  Amazon S3 simplified it all – offering that storage as a service to its customers, providing a scalable, resilient storage target that could be provisioned on-demand. It was a true game-changer, bringing enterprise-class data storage instantly to anyone with an internet connection and a credit card. 

Commvault introduced our first cloud-native offers with Amazon S3 in 2009, enabling our customers to easily leverage the storage service for backup and archival use-cases.  Over the next decade of digital expansion, along with the rapid expansion in bandwidth and reduced economics of cloud-scaling, many of our customers have accelerated their cloud journey and transformed their own businesses.  The “easier” offsite data copy managed on the Amazon S3 bucket acted as the catalyst, when combined with the steady stream of Commvault cloud innovation use-cases that added elastic compute, data transformation, key management and self-service automation.   The realization that there are no “boxes” in the cloud drives a completely different approach to creating value from data and unlocking the full potential to disrupt and change for the better.  That proposition defined and guided our innovations roadmap with the S3 teams for many years.

  • Simplified management through policy-based automation.
  • Deduplication, compression, and automated storage tiering across all Amazon S3 storage classes, including Glacier and Deep Archive. All of these reduce your cloud storage consumption and network egress fees, keeping your cloud costs down.
  • Workflows and automation to simplify restores and migrations from Amazon S3 to other AWS services.
  • Enhanced role-based security with support for IAM, KMS, and STS Assume Role – to ensure complete security while accessing AWS service resources.
  • Support for AWS Snow Family of devices for offline migration of data into Amazon S3.

One last benefit that isn’t talked about much — Commvault even provides the capability to protect and govern data in Amazon S3 buckets. We all know Amazon S3 is highly resilient and secure, but just as with all of your other cloud and SaaS data, data is always susceptible to malicious attacks, natural disasters, or simple human error.  We can protect your Amazon S3 buckets – whether they’re in an AWS Region or in AWS Outposts in your data center – so you’re always capable of recovering your mission critical data.

Commvault has been providing enterprise-class data protection to customers for almost 25 years now, and over the last 15 years we’ve seen firsthand the move our customers are making to the cloud. Over that time we’ve seen huge growth in the amount of data Commvault users are writing to Amazon S3 –now at hundreds of petabytes per year – which is a very strong testament to how much trust those customers have in both AWS and Commvault.  There’s good reason why — the innovative new solutions coming from the partnership and the relentless focus on the customer experience from both companies.

If you haven’t seen the Commvault session from re:Invent 2020, co-presented with a customer of ours – a huge, multi-national soft-drink company – I’d encourage you to check it out. You can view it on YouTube here. It’s a great story of how we’re helping our customers optimize protection of their data and workloads in AWS.

So here’s to fifteen years of Amazon S3 and celebrating the massive impact it’s had on data storage and the adoption of cloud services. We’d like to congratulate AWS for the incredible prolonged success of Amazon S3 and thank them for an outstanding partnership that continues to grow and provide tremendous value to our customers. We all look forward to what the next fifteen years will bring as we continue to innovate new ways to solve customer challenges together.

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