Our Broad Storage Array Snapshot Support is Now Even Wider

Posted 08/28/2014 by Commvault

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Technology is only useful if it works with what you’ve got. You can be handed the best smartphone hardware in the world, but if it doesn’t support your favorite apps, you won’t want it. Same thing with data protection software. If it doesn’t work with your environment, it’s of no use.

One of the great strengths of our Commvault® Simpana® IntelliSnap® snapshot management technology is the breadth of storage systems it supports. We’re not the only ones saying this. In a detailed industry analysis that really explains the value of using snapshots for data protection, the folks at 451 Research noted, “We consider Commvault to be well ahead of other vendors in terms of backup software tailored to snapshot-based data protection in heterogeneous environments – particularly in terms of the breadth of its platform coverage (which includes virtually all major arrays).”

Never one to rest on our laurels, we keep pushing the boundaries of what we support. Recently we added some new platform support to what was already the industry’s broadest array support for a multi-vendor snapshot management tool without custom scripting. Here’s a brief look at some of our new additions.

DataCore SANSymphony-V

This one is really interesting because this is the first time we’ve supported a software-based storage platform. SANSymphony-V software lets you virtualize any mix of storage hardware and then deliver a wide range of unified features and functions. IntelliSnap software now allows you to manage SANSymphony-V snapshots, index them and run application-aware recovery processes.

Huawei OceanStor T Series arrays

Huawei's new-generation mid-range and high-end storage products, the OceanStor T series unified storage, deliver comprehensive high-performance storage solutions. Now you can drive snaps (Huawei HyperSnap) and clones (Huawei HyperClone) using IntelliSnap software in both iSCSI and Fibre Channel environments. Specific arrays supported are the S2600T, S5500T, S5600T, S5800T and S6800T.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide a robust data storage platform that complements the high-throughput requirements of Oracle-engineered systems. Oracle ZFS is very much a platform that can leverage the IntelliSnap solution’s deep integration with enterprise applications like Oracle, Oracle RAC and SAP for Oracle. These high-end, high-volume apps benefit tremendously from using snapshot-based data protection, but you’ve got to have it all integrated. IntelliSnap technology integrates applications with storage for simplified, reliable protection and recovery.

While these are the newest members of the IntelliSnap technology ecosystem, we were already supporting numerous other systems. Odds are good that we support what you’ve got on your floor or are evaluating as part of a data center modernization effort. And the great thing is IntelliSnap technology provides operational uniformity across all these arrays. So the way you drive snapshots and recoveries on EMC hardware is the same as you’d do it on NetApp or HP or HDS or you name it.

So are we done? Heck no! The IntelliSnap Connect Program is going strong and we’ve got more vendor partners in the pipeline. I’m not giving anything away at this time, but keep watching this space for more news about new vendors, new features, etc. Snapshots are the future of data protection, and the future is happening now at Commvault.