No More Risky Business

Posted 11/30/2017 by Commvault

Business risks associated with data - your most important asset - are growing faster than even the data being produced. From data breaches to ransomware/malware events, to end users just sometimes doing the wrong thing within their normal business day, the risks are real and present. This has led to an increased focus on hardening data centers and infrastructure to growing defenses, detecting events earlier and guaranteeing fast recovery if something does happen. All of which are all extremely important and necessary to protect your business.

The risks to your business data significantly increase when such data resides outside of the typical corporate environment. Since your workforce has access to all levels of business data, you need to extend visibility, protection and recoverability to your endpoints. With more and more employees working on their laptops outside of the corporate environment, or on approved personal BYOD laptops, now is the time to act. Further complicating matters, these mobile workers are in home offices, hotels, airplanes, coffee shops and many places in between. This makes using legacy procedures, like trying to force users to save content on file shares, extremely challenging and unrealistic. Protecting and managing data for these employees needs a more modern approach that automatically captures data, requires no interaction from the end user, and can be completed whenever and wherever the end user is working.

You may be asking yourself how you can accomplish this with an already overworked and understaffed IT department. Your team may have limited skills in this area, no capital budget in place to acquire, provision and manage the necessary infrastructure or the time needed to do it all. To make matters worse, it’s probably just a matter of time before the next data breach or malware event puts your entire business at risk.

Commvault can help. Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service is available to automatically and securely backup data on employee desktops and laptops, reducing the risk of data loss from breaches and lost or stolen endpoint devices. This puts you back in control of data from your mobile workforce. Commvault provides all necessary hardware, software, facilities, personnel, processes, reporting and oversight necessary – all through one single point of service. You gain the flexibility to extend data protection to endpoints with one simple, easy-to-use cloud service. With 24/7 customer admin support to easily and quickly get this project finished and off your plate, you can provide your organization with improved control over their data wherever it is – and effectively mitigate the risk to your business.

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