March 2018

March 2018

By Matt Tyrer It’s World Backup Day this Saturday!  (cue applause and evil laughter) It is the day where we recognize and celebrate the awesomeness that is backup. Backup + Awesome in the same sentence?  You bet your bitcoin they are. If you’ve ever dropped your laptop, lost a phone, deleted a file (or heck, “saved it […]

By Penny Gralewski You’ve modernized to a multi-cloud environment, but does your data protection software have the flexibility to support multiple clouds? If your current data migration setup involves multiple consoles, separate data deduplication and limited support for today’s popular private and public clouds, you may not be maximizing your multi-cloud investments. There can be […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri The well-known adage you are only as good as your last… “backup” is a good start on a data protection strategy but still falls far short of a comprehensive plan. A survey of more than 300 IT professionals conducted by Barkly’s found that nearly all respondents were actively backing up their data. Eighty-one percent were confident […]

By Mary Ellen Cavanagh Companies today are looking to digitally transform their businesses so they can address their ever-changing landscape and stay competitive, and relevant, in their markets. They want to reduce costs while driving efficiency and productivity. Moving to the cloud is part of their digital transformation strategy. Because of their offerings around predictive […]

By Krischel Crawley March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day instituted by the United Nations to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also showcases commitment to women’s equality, launch initiatives and to raise awareness of gender parity gains. In recent years, the high-tech industry has made significant efforts to improve […]

By Mark Bridges We’ve enjoyed a long partnership with HPE, and I’m excited to announce that Commvault is included in the HPE Complete program. HPE Complete is a worldwide resell program that enables the purchase of “best-in-class,” third-party solutions, such as Commvault software – from HPE via a single HPE purchase order. It’s backed by HPE Complete […]

By Gary Lim In 2017, we have witnessed several cyberattacks that have caused global disruptions to regular business operations, financial loss and potential harm to organizations’ reputations. These incidents, along with the evolution of cyber threats today, highlight the need for businesses to consider security to protect their most valuable asset – data. To create […]