April 2018

April 2018

By Mayur Dewailkar With the increasing adoption of hybrid cloud strategy in enterprise IT environments, users are finding themselves struggling with the fragmentation of data across on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Customers often have to deal with multiple interfaces to monitor their data and get meaningful operational and business insights. Commvault foresaw this happening several years […]

By Greg Bennett If you’ve ever seen any of the ESPN “30 for 30”  documentaries (which I highly recommend), you know they all start the same way: “What if I told you…” followed by a story of struggle, heartbreak, perseverance and/or redemption that ultimately changes your perspective. Or even offers new insights into an event […]

By Chris Powell Ever since I met Robert Swan, I have been inspired by his message of individuals doing small things that collectively can make an impact on our climate and environment.  Robert does this by raising awareness of the threats posed to Antarctica and by engaging individuals, governments and companies around the world to think […]

By Scott Britton Government agencies and their private contractors can now use the Commvault Data Platform to support data protection in Amazon government clouds. Commvault now helps our government customers to move, manage and use data on: The secure cloud built for the intelligence community that can operate with workloads up to top secret. AWS Secret Region […]

By David Orban As part of an ongoing series that focuses on backup-related issues, our Commvault experts weigh in.  Let’s be clear: Virtualization doesn’t have to break your backup strategy. In his blog “Why Virtualization STILL Breaks Backup,” George Crump of StorageSwiss.com points out that many IT teams still remark that protecting the virtual infrastructure […]

By Edwin Galang There is a reason that 72 percent of Azure customers1 plan to take advantage of Azure Stack in the next three years. Azure Stack promises to bring the agility and innovation of Azure to customers’ on-premises environments, using a single management paradigm and enabling real hybrid cloud scenarios. While there are many advantages […]

By Nigel Tozer This isn’t another story about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, although it is where I’ll start. With the recent revelations surrounding Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, it’s easy to forget that Facebook was born from a dispute. Who was telling the truth decided its fate, and as we all know, that decision fell in […]

By Commvault Many organizations have adopted some form of cloud computing. Most are using public cloud providers of some sort to archive data, helping ensure sufficient space in their production systems. Many others also are utilising public cloud providers for secondary copies of backup and storage for tape replacement. So exactly what happens when a […]

By Chris Powell Saturday was World Backup Day, our annual reminder to people and business owners to protect their data. It occurs every March 31 (the day before April Fools’ Day) to keep data preservation top of mind and to not – wait for it – look like a fool. All this noise about backups got me […]