May 2018

May 2018

By Greg Page In his recent blog, “Why Scale-Out Architectures Break Backup,” George Crump said three things that stand out: “Scale-out architectures are the logical solution to the scale-up challenge” “…for the most part, only the backup storage hardware scales-out” “Now there is the reality that organizations expect backup software to evolve and do more […]

By Chris Powell Many years ago – more than I would like to admit – I started my career in healthcare. My first job was for a start-up company that created a carpal tunnel syndrome prevention program to help people avoid surgery. Then I worked for a Medicaid managed care company in the communications and […]

By Gregg Ogden (aka, Don’t be a chump, listen to Crump) Like many of you, I often peruse news sources for interesting tidbits about applying technology or new strategies to solve data management issues. My professional focus is on endpoints, those lovely devices sitting on the edge of your network (that are likely housing data that’s […]

By Commvault Commvault Microsoft Office 365TM Protection for Service Providers – enabling the cloud enterprise Even by enterprise application standards, email has always been first among equals. Given that most of us use email for communications, file sharing, archival of old conversations and much more, it’s not surprising that email servers, especially Microsoft Exchange, is not […]

By Greg Page You need Scale-out in your backup As George Crump accurately noted in his blog, “Why Backups Break and How to Fix It,” there are many issues in the current backup landscape, including legacy backup applications, fragmentation of tools to support new technology and decentralized management of backup for applications, the cloud, storage […]

By Commvault In his recent blog post, “Why Snapshots Break Backup,” George Crump said that snapshots can’t stand on their own as backups and that they need to complement backup to ensure recoverability. And while many businesses have realized they need snapshots to solve backup and recovery challenges for their critical data, without a tool […]

By Chris Powell Last week, I read a Wall Street Journal article about the Marriott corporation transitioning away from using small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. In an environmentally-conscious move, the company is switching to larger bottles in wall-mounted racks in 450 hotels at five brands and plans to expand to 1,500 hotels in North […]

By Jonathan Howard Reading George Crump’s recent blog about “Why Scale-Up Architecture Breaks Backup” got me thinking about a number of challenges that backup architectures have historically had. It’s an interesting take on the industry challenges that relate to specific design principles, which have traditionally applied to backup. Commvault has a long history of support […]