Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf (Are you Talking to your Data Elf?)

Posted 12/18/2018 by Chris Powell

Today is "Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day" (yes, it’s a thing). So, instead of asking, “What’s your favorite color?” maybe Buddy should the answer the phone with: “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite data management issue?”

    Most likely, your data wish list is pretty long, since we know that data growth continues to be a pesky challenge for all IT professionals. In addition, corporate data repositories are more fragmented than ever, thanks to the rapid proliferation of cloud storage, mobile devices, SaaS applications and open source innovations. To put it in elf terminology: today’s data protection landscape is as complicated

as passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops and walking through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Fortunately, your data elf can give you directions to navigate this complex landscape. For example, let’s talk about the cloud. Maybe your elf can bring you a tool that will help straighten out your cloud strategy while making it easy to move and recover data. But there are other business issues your elf can deliver upon.

A recent IDC survey of hundreds of Commvault customers looked at three key issues that might be on your data wish list:  reduce risk, simplify operations and reduce complexity and increase productivity:

Risk Reduction
Reduce risk by reducing downtime, improving data protection reliability, accelerating recovery, and providing more data protection, reporting and encryption coverage.

Simplification and Automation Benefits
Achieve cost savings by simplifying, automating, consolidating and more efficiently operating the data management process.

Improve IT, employee and organizational productivity by accelerating recovery, reducing downtime and streamlining data management.

IDC’s survey of our worldwide customer base documented consistent, measurable direct and indirect cost savings, and a wide range of benefits such as simplification, risk reduction and productivity gains. According to IDC, these benefits result in some great stocking stuffers such as enhanced business outcomes, including greater IT innovation, improved employee productivity and enhanced organizational agility.

Watch a summary of the report below given by David Reinsel, Senior Vice President at IDC.


This holiday season, find that data elf who will keep you from being mistaken for a cotton-headed ninny-muggins – and just might get you on Santa’s nice list next year.

Chris Powell brings more than two decades of business acumen and management experience to Commvault as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and as executive sponsor for the company’s worldwide sustainability initiative.