Creating a Stronger, Safer EHR

Posted 01/23/2018 by Jesse Eichhorn

In many ways, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and its data is at the center of the healthcare provider’s IT universe. It houses most of the information caregivers need to provide informed patient care. It drives clinical workflow and supports much of the interaction between patients and clinicians (which generates the organization’s revenue). And it is the foundation for the data required to drive advanced clinical analytics and population health management.

The healthcare industry is always in the midst of change; the current evolution is being driven by the utilization of data to drive better patient outcomes and reduce costs.

The critical importance of EHR data is clear. It is imperative that healthcare providers’ approach to protecting this data is as strong as the data is important.

The gap between the threat to this data and provider’s approach is still precariously wide. Commvault recently worked with HIMSS Analytics to survey more than 100 healthcare IT professionals regarding the state of cyber security in healthcare1. Unsurprisingly, 96 percent of respondents expect an increase in the number of cyber security attacks against their organizations over the next two years. However, the data shed light on a few alarming items related to cyber security ad data protection:

  • Only 21 percent of organizations surveyed have a solid, agreed-upon plan ready in the event of a successful cyber-attack on their organization. The survey also found that these organizations felt they were in a much better position to get their organization up and running after a ransomware attack than those without a solid response plan.
  • Only 32 percent of organizations are backing up the majority of their data more than once daily.

The prevailing attitude toward cyber threats in healthcare is not if, but when the successful cyber-attack will take place (if it hasn’t already, which is the case for many!) Which begs the questions:

  • Do you have a ransomware response plan?
  • How quickly will you be able to respond to a cyber-attack?
  • How recent is your EHR data backup, and how confident are you in your ability to restore it quickly and successfully?

Commvault not only offers a comprehensive data protection and management solution for the entire healthcare enterprise but also a specialized solution for protecting your critical EHR data. Fast, simple, and comprehensive, this solution has been developed in conjunction with leading EHR providers and can help you not only protect against ransomware and other cyber threats, but reduce costs, manage the backup process more efficiently, and requires minimal EHR system downtime and clinical disruption.

In fact:

  • MEDITECH has certified our solution, and our MEDITECH customers have been able to “reduce system downtime while actually improving protection of the data”
  • Epic has given Commvault its highest ratings for both comfort level and prevalence within its customer base across all enterprise data backup vendors2

Learn more about our solution for EHR data protection to see how Commvault can help you better protect the most critical data in your “universe.”

1 Future Proofi­ng Healthcare: Cybersecurity, October 2017

2*According to Epic Storage Products and Technology Status, September 8, 2017

Jesse Eichhorn is the Principal Product Marketing Manager for Healthcare at Commvault. With more than 15 years of experience at the intersection of healthcare and IT, Jesse has helped create more meaningful partnerships between leading healthcare IT companies, their solutions and the provider community.