What Do You Mean ‘NO’ Is The Answer For Endpoint Data Protection As A Service?

Posted 11/08/2018 by Gregg Ogden

I always find it interesting when a certain situation, or perhaps words of wisdom from an old colleague, pop into your consciousness. Occasionally it’s something serious, such as how to manage your time better, or silly, like how to work the line at the cafeteria for the best food options. Recently, I was reminded of musings from my former boss, who was the head of Sales at a mid-sized, high-tech company - we’ll call him “Mr. H.”

    "Mr. H." always had an arsenal of go-to catch phrases at the ready. But he had one in particular that he used often: “I can pay any knucklehead off the street minimum wage to say NO, but I need someone who can get to YES.” This definitely stuck with me through the years - and I’ve often applied it to situations in my career to great effect. So imagine my surprise when I discovered something that celebrated in answering NO - and was better for it!

By now, most of us understand that without adequate endpoint data protection, organizations are left to rely on end users to backup and protect their own data - which is a very risky process model. The list of risks also extends to meeting search, governance, compliance and eDiscovery obligations. And with growing threats from malware and ransomware, unsecured data is a under more peril than ever before. So, show "Mr. H." your new-found appreciation for NO and check out Commvault endpoint data protection as-a-service today.

Commvault has an endpoint data protection as-a-service solution that makes hearing NO the right answer, which would initially make "Mr. H.’s" hair stand on end – if he has any left. So what’s so special about NO when it comes to a cloud-based solution? Well, here’s a list of what makes NO so good for endpoint data protection as-a-service:

  • NO additional infrastructure to purchase or maintain
  • NO additional software to purchase, install or maintain in your data center
  • NO effect on the performance of existing backup processes
  • NO hardware to purchase or maintain
  • NO need to hire addition resources to maintain protection

Commvault provides all the necessary software, facilities, personnel, processes, 24/7 support, reporting and oversight that organizations need to protect individual laptops and desktops – all through one cloud-hosted service. It also provides self-service capabilities that enable employees to easily access and recover their lost data and securely share files with other employees.

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Gregg Ogden is a Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing for Commvault.