A Blueprint For Business Defined Transformation

Posted 09/27/2018 by Chris Johnson


While many executives talk about transforming the business, I think it really comes down to business defined transformation, and that’s why I’m excited to be presenting our story at the upcoming Commvault GO customer conference. 

At 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 11 I’ll be sharing our story of a successful journey (a journey that still continues) into business defined transformation when it comes to our data, and making sure this vital asset is recoverable and available to ensure business continuity - without interruption.

If you’re looking for a blueprint to guide your digital and data transformation, I believe you will find value in this session.  I’ll be sharing how we defined our success criteria, and what I call the guiding desired outcomes that led us to stay true to our mission. While I know some organizations want to move quickly with more of a “big bang” theory approach, I’ll share why we believe a methodical, staged approach is actually a quicker path to real results (and we have proof of this).

So let me leave you with a final few words to entice you to join us: Transformation is never an episode; it is always a journey - your level of success has a lot to do with your level of confidence and what you have confidence in. 

Intrigued so far? If so, be sure to join us while I share the story of our journey - where we started, where we’ve gone and where we plan to go next. 

See you in Nashville, Tenn.

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