March 2019

March 2019

By Chris Powell A few years back, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting The Funk Brothers, an incredible band that was the subject of a great documentary called “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” They worked with (backed up) Motown legends and, according to the documentary, produced more hits than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones […]

By Commvault The story of the Apollo 13 mission is legendary. It is the subject of numerous articles, books, movies and documentaries. “Houston, we have a problem” is probably quoted a few times a day – although the correct form is “Houston, we’ve had a problem” – in corporate boardrooms around the world. Apollo 13 is […]

By Scott Britton Affordable Archive Solution Eliminates the Need for Tape Backups Commvault, in lock step with Amazon Web Services, launched support for Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. You can finally let go of your backup and archives on tape storage, and with Commvault send them directly to Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. Commvault is the […]

By Doug Chando Prevention Through Smart Monitoring And Alerting This is the third blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. In the last post, we were discussing the importance prevention plays in ensuring that you are prepared to handle the evolving threats to your data. Hardening of systems was the […]

By Penny Gralewski Many IT teams are asking great questions about IT modernization and protecting cloud data. There is definitely an opportunity to connect these two top initiatives and find additional benefits. Here are some of the key questions you asked – and we answered – in the recent webinar, “Data Protection’s Role in Cloud […]

By Sam Grover Enhances Integration With The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem As of V11 SP15, made available March 15, 2019, Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery will include a tightly integrated protection solution for Nutanix Files. The obvious question is: what is Nutanix Files? Nutanix Files is a scale-out file storage solution that leverages the Nutanix HCI […]

By Doug Chando Prevention Is Hard-Ening This is the second blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. In our last blog in the Risk Mitigation series, we talked about how old methods and thinking around disaster recovery are really inadequate, or won’t necessarily prepare you for the new and evolving […]

By Jesper Helt Five years ago, I joined Commvault and immediately started working on two objectives: scale the culture, and improve talent acquisition and retention. While Commvault had a strong culture, I found we were not articulate, but almost timid about it. While 90 percent indicated we lived and breathed our values in everything we did, less […]

By Chris Powell Anyone who follows NCAA basketball knows the University of Connecticut Huskies women’s program owns the two longest winning streaks (men’s or women’s) in college basketball history. Its women’s basketball team has won a record 11 NCAA Division I National Championships – four of which were in a row, from 2013 to 2016. […]

By Hope D’Amore Today, data protection needs to be aligned with the digital transformation strategy that fits the needs of every IT organization. Around the world, IT leaders have expressed their goal of data center modernization while talking with Commvault at our alliance partner events. At global conferences, Commvault gains insight into the needs of […]