April 2019

April 2019

By Miranda Foster Customer success stories never get tired around here and they give us the ultimate adrenaline rush. Looking back across fiscal Q4 2019, we saw many of our customers realize the power and tangible benefits of our strategic offerings like Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery and Commvault HyperScale™, to name a couple. While I don’t want to […]

By Dave Orban I recently had the good fortune to attend Google Next 2019, Google’s Annual Cloud Conference, held (mostly) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Additionally, it is looking to aggressively stake a claim to its share of the still-growing cloud services market (Forbes pegs it at $411 billion for 2020). And while Google […]

By Chris Powell A sustainable planet starts at the roots – with each of us – but does not stop there. It grows in our homes, communities and the companies where we work, as well as with the customers and industries we serve. We’ve made positive strides over the years at Commvault, such as our […]

By Nigel Tozer In a recent blog I had a little fun with the “Game of Thrones,” and positioned the ever-looming winter in the show as a metaphor for change. “Change” in that blog was about disruptive shifts in technology and their social impact, but one significant change was overlooked – that of climate. Whether you believe […]

By James Canham-Ash #EarthDay is an annual call to arms for the public – and more recently companies – to learn more about the beauty of the world and the dangers threatening the natural order. The celebration falls each year on April 22 with hundreds of millions of people around the globe, across 192 countries […]

By Kevin Komiega Commvault and Microsoft have worked together for decades to help customers drive efficiency, cost savings and compliance in their businesses. Today, we provide enterprise class data protection and management for Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SQL Server, to name several platforms and apps. But what does the future hold? […]

By Nigel Tozer Any fan of Game of Thrones (GoT) will tell you that it’s a dark-ages-styled drama, presented more as history than fantasy, and a significant topping of back-stabbing politics for greed and power, with a strong undercurrent of sword and sorcery. It’s pure escapism, which couldn’t possibly have relevance to our digital age, […]

By Randy De Meno How did computer geeks playing ice hockey raise $1.8 million for children’s charities? Over the past 19 years, Commvault has played hockey and raised funds with our customers and charitable partners, including Microsoft, Arrosoft Solutions, Insight, Tech Data, Shop-Rite and D&M Auto Body, plus a few celebrities along the way. Our most recent event, benefiting the Southwest Autism Research […]

By Miranda Foster In many parts of the world, April is the onset of spring – which usually means lots of rain. In the IT world, we like rain. Why? Because you need a cloud to have rain – just like you need a cloud for backup. Spring is also one of the busiest times […]

By Penny Gralewski When you cloud responsibly, your organization can move to the cloud for data agility while also enforcing your data protection policies. “Cloud responsibly” means that an organization is being smart and thoughtful about managing data protection, backup, rapid recovery, search and availability of workloads in cloud and multi-cloud environments. “Cloud responsibly” is […]

By Damian Andre At Commvault, we work with our partners to solve our customer’s hard problems and to unlock the potential within their data. Our latest release: SP15 continues to meet this objective and contains lots of new features. Read part one of the new data protection features in SP15. Command Center and Commvault Platform With […]

By Damian Andre For us techies, when it comes to Commvault we are lucky to celebrate at least four times a year. As you probably know, every quarter a new Service Pack (or shall I say, Feature Pack) rolls out from our engineering team and ushers in new functionality. These feature releases are an iterative […]