Love Songs to Get Your Data in the Mood

Posted 02/14/2019 by Chris Powell

Commvault loves data and this Valentine’s Day is a time to remember. As in any successful relationship, your connection to data has to be nurtured – get to know each other, move it forward, manage through difficulties – and if needed, figure out a way to best recover. All of us should keep in mind a simple fact: if you misuse your data, you could end up in the dog house – and no one wants to be shut out from their data.

So, in an effort to keep data feeling special, here is a Valentine’s Day Top 10 playlist. Feel free to blast it in your data centers today:

  1. Data Will Keep Us Together (Captain & Tennille) – for the data scientist in your life.
  2. Can’t Buy Me Data (Beatles) – I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me data (really?)
  3. The Glory of Data (Peter Cetera) – Is there anything more glorious than data?
  4. The Power of Data (Huey Lewis and The News) – It’s strong and it’s sudden, and it’s cruel sometimes; but it might just save your life.
  5. What’s Data Got to Do with It? (Tina Turner) – Umm, come on Tina! Everything.
  6. Baby, I Need Your Data (Four Tops) – Got to have all your data. Ransomware love? Seems wrong.
  7. Addicted to Data (Robert Palmer) – Might as well face it.
  8. Crazy Little Thing Called Data (Queen) – It’s only crazy when it’s not protected.
  9. Data on the Brain (Rihanna) - You love when I fall apart, so you can put me together.
  10. You’ve Lost that Data Feeling (The Righteous Brothers) – Now it's gone, gone, gone, whoa.

At Commvault, we encourage our customers to take their data relationships seriously. Like a great love song, we provide our customers with ways to: remember/know what they have; move data relationships forward – securely; keep (aka manage) data vows (I’m talking to you, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ); and use data to be happy (get value for their business.)  We use love in our personal relationships to build stronger connections; and you could say that we use data in business for the same reason (am I taking this too far?).

True confession: I wanted to create a Top 40 list, but I am just plain out of time.  

If you think data deserves some love today, then help me out. Add another data love song. (I'm not gonna write you a data song, 'cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one, you see.)

Chris Powell brings more than two decades of business acumen and management experience to Commvault as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and as executive sponsor for the company’s worldwide sustainability initiative.