3 Surprising IT trends for 2021

By Jennifer Minella

Discussing topics like diversity, dark data, and skills gaps may seem a non sequitur after headlines proclaiming predictions for 2021. Still, on the 3 Top IT Trends That Will Shape 2021, Stephen, Don, Chris, and I are shine a light on some of the blind spots we think other IT pros missed in their 2021 predictions, and you may find a few of them surprising.

Here are a few trends we touched on during the webinar.

With Ransomware, SASE and Containers May Save the Day

Ransomware and other attacks will morph and mature to adapt to our modified connectivity models that accompany a remote workforce. As this happens, there’s no doubt we’ll be relying on other parts of the infrastructure to start playing a role in securing our ever-eroding perimeter. Constructs such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and containers are two areas we expect will bloom and thrive as security enrichments in 2021.

Diversity and Inclusion will Transform IT

The SaaS-ification of applications coupled with network technologies moving to API-based integrations and management means a new breed is being born. With these changes, it’s no surprise our current IT professionals will be expected to adapt and broaden their skills now more than ever. But we also believe the influx of fresh faces and historically underrepresented groups to the technology community will have a drastic influence on the future course of events for businesses undergoing digital transformation. Watch the webinar on demand to get the full scoop.

SaaS and the Magic 8 ball

If we asked the Magic 8 Ball ten years ago about the possibility of moving substantial data and backups in the cloud, it would have surely answered with a ‘not likely’. Yet, here we are today, with the global leaders in backup and recovery being recognized by Gartner for their ability to execute flawlessly in the cloud – all while adding security and protection from today’s top threats like ransomware.

Continuing the thought that we’ll start baking in ways to augment traditional security tools, we believe the migration to the cloud for novel services (such as backups) coupled with up-and-coming AI/ML technologies will continue driving applications to the SaaS model in new and surprising ways.

In addition to novel developments, we all agreed there are quite a few things that won’t change in 2021. The continuing shift of traditional on-prem services to the cloud is one. It is a still diversifying edge in terms of types of endpoints types (thanks, IoT) and geographic diversity, plus the ongoing adoption of AI for data analysis and automation. Even as these trends will continue from prior years, we’ll see subtle changes as the related solutions evolve and impact where our data lives, how it moves, and how that data is used. Tune in on demand to hear more and to share your thoughts on what to expect in 2021.

Jennifer Minella is the VP of Engineering and Security, Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc