54% improvement in management costs – gained through data protection simplicity

By Penny Gralewski

Even as data volumes have grown, Commvault customers are improving management costs by taking steps to efficiently manage their data. Organizations using the Commvault data management platform are simplifying with automation, consolidation, and innovation to support their business demands.

The results are shared in the new IDC survey, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis.”

According to the report, “Users of Commvault software have been able to create a more efficient data management process within their organizations by simplifying, automating, and consolidating their data management operations. Faced with rapid annual growth rates of managed data, Commvault users have been able to dramatically drive down the cost per TB of data under management.”

In this 2021 survey, Commvault customers reported that the annual growth rate of data under management is 47%, and yet they’ve seen a 54% improvement in management costs related to hardware, services, and eDiscovery.

Even as data volumes grow, Commvault customers can confidently manage that growth. Customers were also able to find huge gains with the Commvault platform’s ability to automate tasks for data management processes.

The Commvault platform is empowering IT leaders to easily and simply add support for new on-premises and cloud requirements. From new SaaS applications to expanded virtual environments, quickly spun up Databases-as-a-Service projects to steady, consistent cloud backups, Commvault customers are ready to support what’s next in their environment.

5 ways to improve the efficiency of data management

Working with enterprises of all sizes, Commvault has identified five ways to improve the efficiency of data management:

  1. Consolidate disparate tools for a single source of truth
  2. Reduce storage costs on-premises and in the cloud 
  3. Automate and streamline processes to free up staff time
  4. Eliminate data silos with comprehensive coverage of data assets
  5. Innovate with the ability to cover new technologies as they come online

The full IDC survey shows the impact of these time and money saving measures across enterprises of all sizes. A critical challenge in some data protection environments is extra cost due to multiple tools from different vendors. Mergers and acquisitions or one-off purchases of point products create complexity.This lack of alignment restricts scalability and creates silos that decrease visibility to the data, reducing IT productivity, and increasing overall risk.

Commvault customers reported to IDC that they were able to significantly reduce the number of data protection or backup tools or vendors. In some cases, customers were able to reduce from as many as nine vendors to only one comprehensive Commvault solution.

Take a closer look at exactly how that’s happening with the details in the full IDC report.

To read the full survey, please visit: Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software