A 100-day learning journey for a lifetime of impact

By Joe Ilvento

Why do we invest in our people? Because they are our number one asset!

Our goal is always to empower our Vaulters to learn, develop, and connect with each other as they grow their careers here at Commvault. In fact, we just launched our quarterly employee pulse survey, where we ask our Vaulters to share their feedback with us so we can use their insights to help evolve our culture. A big part of what we continue to hear across all our pulse surveys is the importance of training and development. We highlight many of our development and training programs in our 2022 CSR Report, but I wanted to take a moment to share more about our leadership trainings.

We know that our leaders have a huge impact on their teams and how we work every day. In FY 2022, we introduced two, 100-day learning journey programs focused on the development and optimization of strong leaders within our workforce, including trainings on core manager skills, team engagement, and people leadership. Each program is led by a senior Commvault executive, and each participant is supported by their respective managers through one-on-one meetings and specific job assignments. Throughout the past year, 198 managers have attended these programs, reporting increased ratings for employee engagement, productivity gains, technical skills, and knowledge transfer. It’s amazing what 100 days of learning can do!

We want our Vaulters to feel like their learning opportunities at Commvault are endless. Take a look at our employee development highlights from our FY 2022 to see the impact of our training programs:

  • 99% of eligible employees underwent performance reviews
  • 132 Participating mentors and mentees
  • 739 Unique training programs offered
  • 900+ Formal learning programs completed
  • 15,000+ Training hours attended

Want to learn more about how we’re investing in our people? Check out our recent blog on our internship program here.

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