A Collective Way To Change The World

By Chris Powell

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a global day that kicks off the charitable season. Started in 2012, “Giving Tuesday” has quickly become a movement known for celebrating, and supporting giving and philanthropy. It’s a simple idea that encourages people to find a way to give back to the world.

Recently, Commvault announced our working with Sir Robert Swan’s 2041 initiative as the official data partner for the team’s South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC). What compelled us to partner with this organization? As a company dedicated to data, we realized how important data, science,and bold exploration are to protecting and safeguarding the future.

Currently, Antarctica is designated as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” protected by a global moratorium. The year 2041 is when the re-negotiation of the moratorium on mining in Antarctica expires. Sir Swan has dedicated his life to raising awareness about Antarctica to keep it from exploration and further climate change repercussions. SPEC is a modern-day demonstration about how clean energy sources and cutting-edge technologies can advance us forward.

We are an international company, and we believe that supporting this effort is an opportunity to make some difference in the world – to give back. We are honored to join other committed brands like Toyota, Samsung, Patagonia, Shell and others to create a sustainable world that is enlightened, empowered and engaged. We hope our participation will help raise awareness of the efforts being made to protect this pristine place in our world.

#GivingTuesday is about things large and small – fighting the good fight. It seems almost cliché, but here it is: small things, done by a lot of us, make a big difference. So, this “Giving Tuesday,” after a year in which we witnessed too many tough situations – from hurricanes and earthquakes, to wild fires and senseless violence – I plan on finding something I can do, and doing it.

How about you?