‘A Little Help From My Commvault Friends’

By Matt Piccirilli

As I trolled through LinkedIn a few months ago, I recognized that I’m not the only one that has suffered from Imposter Syndrome at one time or another, especially during my customer days in the higher education space. The idea that you don’t belong or that the person across the table in a conference room is smarter than you, more component and sometimes better looking seemed to resonate and simmer too much in my day-to-day activities and eventually forced me to question my career goals. 

Of course, I jest about the last part. They were usually a lot better looking than me, but I found as a Commvault customer that I had a team from support that had my back. Even if I had the “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality when wearing multiple hats on a senior infrastructure team, I knew from a Commvault perspective that if I needed assistance with a Commvault issue or a general environment inspection, I could rely on the support team to lend me a hand as I muddled through and, potentially, learn something new about the product or a possible deficiency in my environment.

At times, I felt my relationship with my user base was only through “right clicks” and properties setting within a given administrative console.  It felt amazing to be the hero on a password reset or a file restore, but also a little conflicted knowing that I just hung up the phone with the Commvault Support Team and called my manager with some good news on the same desk phone.  I always got the kudos, but I also gave credit where credit was due.

When I meet with customers today, I want to alleviate their own doubts if they are anything like I was. The fact that the support ecosystem at Commvault will continue its unprecedented satisfaction rate, while continuing to make backup administrators all over the globe look like heroes, is one of the reasons customers continue to be first and foremost at Commvault.  It’s enough to make an old systems admin veteran who turned to the dark side, systems engineer, proud to work at such a great company that still provides a strong and reliable support mechanism for its customers.

Let’s take a nostalgic pause from my customer days and reflect on a 100 percent restore rate as a backup admin using Commvault.  This included file system, applications and eDiscovery requests from the general counsel’s office, which I was able to handle quickly and efficiently.

All, of course, with a little help from my friends.