A new company for a new era

By Isabelle Guis

When you start a new job, you get a lot of questions. But the one I’ve answered most over the past two weeks is why did you join Commvault? I already had a great job at a great company. And, as you know, changing jobs and companies is always disruptive – especially in a time when we are already disrupted personally and professionally by a pandemic.

So, why did I make a change now?  In a word, opportunity.

Commvault is in a very dynamic, multi-billion-dollar market. Organizations depend on and are using data more than ever before as they accelerate their digital transformations and journeys to the cloud. Which, in turn, is creating multi-generational data sprawl, fragmentation, inefficiencies, and numerous potential points of failure. In essence, adding risk to the data and the organization.

As an optimist, I see an incredible opportunity to help our customers navigate these challenges. For nearly 25 years, Commvault has been focused on helping customers manage their data. The engineer in me is enamored by the company’s unrivaled technology and the marketer in me loves the trusted reputation Commvault has established with its large customer base. They have been around the block and weathered recessions and shifting industries, but they never stopped innovating and earning their customers’ trust.

Which brings me to the essence of why I joined Commvault – the people. Everyone I have spoken with puts Commvault and its customers first. They’re passionate, innovative, and unstoppable. In my first week alone, they announced their best quarter ever; expanded their Metallic offerings and availability; hosted two virtual customer events; and shared their unique vision and strategy with investors.  Not bad for a week’s work.

So, I’m here because there is an opportunity to help customers solve their hard data challenges in this exciting new era … and it starts with Commvault.