A year in review: The top virtual events of 2020

By Commvault

As we near the end of 2020, we’d like to thank our customers for making it a year to remember. We got in the swing of remote work, virtualized… well, almost everything; and had great conversations that kept our spirits bright. Now as we look ahead, we want customers to be data ready for the next journey around the sun. From cloud data protection, to containers and ransomware – here are our top webinars to help your organization #beready in the new year.

Cloud webinars

If there was one constant in 2020, it was a huge demand for strategic cloud data management education. Industry experts continue to buzz about the latest cloud trends and news, and so do our customers. With dozens of popular cloud data protection webinars, you could learn so many new skills. Here are the top 3 cloud data protection webinars of 2020:

  • How to manage cloud data at scale: A Commvault tech demo – Data management has gotten more complex, and IT teams need smart, automated solutions. In this 20-minute tech demo learn how to scale backup and archive operations, while maintaining granularity and control over your data. Discover how Commvault can help you find cost savings in cloud deployments.
  • Cloud disaster recovery: New trends, top questions – Disaster recovery preparedness is the #1 concern for cloud customers.1 Learn what really goes into a strong cloud disaster recovery plan, and the pivotal first step in the cloud disaster recovery process. Also learn about cloud disaster recovery based on typical enterprise workloads like virtual machines, databases, SaaS and PaaS.
  • 5 big ideas for cloud data protection in the ‘new normal’ – We don’t know about you, but if we had a dollar for every time somebody said “new normal” this year, we’d be rich. Organizations had the unprecedented task of adapting their operations to support safe, secure, and entirely remote work. In large part, that meant turning to the public cloud. But with a great cloud initiative comes great responsibility – organizations needed to keep to a budget, protect their data from ransomware and establish a robust disaster recovery plan. This webinar with Commvault and NetApp provides a thoughtful guide to making your ‘new normal’ cloud data strategy the best it can be.


It’s been a big year for Containers. Right now, organizations are preparing to shift to the world of containerization, multi-cloud and object storage. It’s an exciting time to work with customers as they adapt to the changing IT landscape. We’re excited to see what the new year holds for containers – and to get started, here are our top containers webinars of 2020.

  • An invisible multi-cloud infrastructure for container workloads – See the simplicity of migrating persistent volumes between test/dev environments, across on-premises and disparate public cloud environments. This webinar homes in on the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform™. Learn everything you need to know about how the solution extends the portability of Kubernetes to stateful application data.

Ransomware webinars

It’s an unfortunate truth – ransomware is having a field day this year. Remote work has encouraged ransomware efforts on a global scale; in the second quarter of 2020, ransomware more than tripled compared to the quarter before. Now, it’s more important than ever to be ready for such threats. Here is our rundown of top ransomware webinars of the year; it’s everything you need to know going into 2021:  

  • Simple and reliable ransomware recovery: A Commvault tech demo – We want you to be 100% confident in your ability to bounce back from a ransomware attack, should a threat ever knock on your door. In this tech demo, our experts show how to manage and protect data from ransomware with Commvault as your defense. See built-in security features for preventative and reactive action, data isolation and air-gapping solutions, and simple tools to monitor your environment for abnormalities. The cherry on top? This jam-packed demo is only 30 minutes.
  • Ransomware: Staying ahead of the global threat – We saw it fit to bring in the (retired) law for this one. And by the law, we mean retired FBI agent and cybersecurity expert, Jeff Lanza. We also called in our partner, AWS. For this webinar, the big focus is ransomware protection in the cloud, and how to safeguard your data from malicious threats before they strike. The conversation is equally entertaining as it is informative. Check out this webinar if you want practical, smart solutions for your ransomware protection strategy – that will benefit you now and in the future.
  • Ransomware strikes. Behind the scenes of a ransomware recovery – Everyone loves a story in which the “good guy” wins. This is that webinar – where we tell the tale of an international manufacturing company hit by ransomware. Fortunately, happy endings do exist, and the company was able to recover with Commvault data protection.

Recovery ready webinars

Year after year, it’s increasingly important to be ready for anything – whether it’s a natural disaster, a ransomware attack or an organization-wide pivot to remote work. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to help more customers become truly recovery ready in 2021. To kick off the effort, here are two of the best recovery ready webinars of the year.

  • Don’t let the tail wag the dog: Become a recovery readiness master Unfortunately, no dogs were present during the making of this webinar. But what this presentation lacks in dogs, it makes up for elsewhere. This webinar presents a simple guide to becoming the master of your data. Learn how to manage and protect it – while staying aligned with your business requirements. After tuning in, you’ll know how to conquer the art of the SLA.
  • Is your data protection fit for the 2020s? – New decade, new threats to your data – and you need a stronger defense than ever. Simplification and consolidation will get you far. Learn from NetApp and Commvault experts about the key considerations for modernizing data protection, and why making changes to your backup and recovery plan now will pay off for years to come.


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