Accelerating, Protecting The Multi-Cloud Journey With Cisco Hyperflex And Commvault

By Tom Sawyer

Cisco and Commvault have been working together to offer solutions that meet the growing needs of a multi-cloud world, which makes Cisco’s announcement of HyperFlex 3.0 so exciting. HyperFlex 3.0 will introduce expanded capabilities, such as Hyper-V hypervisor support, and increased compute and storage node cluster scale with logical availability zones.

Additionally, Flex Clusters will allow HyperFlex to be operated across data center locations (Stretch Clusters) so true hyperconvergence can be more accessible. It will address the needs of more organizations to further advance customer demand for on-premises infrastructure that is elastic, flexible and interoperable with their public cloud (or clouds) of choice.

Commvault supports HyperFlex today. I look forward to Commvault supporting this next evolution of HyperFlex, and continuing to provide reliable data protection, comprehensive data management and insightful data access. That access will help customers move, protect and manage their data wherever it is stored while extending the capabilities of the Cisco-Commvault partnership. As highlighted by Cynthia Johnson’s Commvault GO keynote below, our companies work together to simplify infrastructure and make it easier to execute a multi-cloud strategy.

With expansive support for public cloud providers, hypervisors, big data support and database protection, Commvault software on Cisco hardware can accelerate customers’ adoption of, and transition to, a hybrid cloud strategy across business-critical and secondary application use cases.

Utilizing Commvault’s data platform, our data protection solution for HyperFlex offers automation to make it easier to protect data in remote or branch offices (ROBO), or in locations with lights-out management. HyperFlex also provides scalability to balance workloads across servers as infrastructure requirements grow and with broad-application support to protect data requirements today, while enabling you to add and protect new applications in the future. Organizations look to adopt hyper converged infrastructure to improve the efficiency and economy of their data center, wherever that data may be. HyperFlex with Commvault software can not only protect data but also provide visibility to where data is stored across physical data centers, and cloud locations. Insight into that data can be incredibly valuable.

With HyperFlex 3.0 announced, check back to see how Commvault continues expanding the partnership with Cisco. Visit Commvault at booth G2 in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live Barcelona, running from Jan. 29 – Feb. 2.