An Extremely Green Commvault GO 2018

By Janyce Harper

When planning for Commvault GO 2018, we worked closely with our partners (and Commvault Customer) at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, host to this year’s conference, to make the event as environmentally-friendly as we possibly could. This initiative builds on last year’s Commvault GO, when we announced our Data Protection Partnership with Robert Swan’s South Pole Energy Challenge and accompanying employee sustainability program that was extended to our partner and customer communities.

Our goal from the beginning was to significantly reduce the amount of waste that an event of this size would typically produce. Now that Commvault GO has come to an end, I am pleased to share that we were extremely successful in achieving our goal. 

Some of our waste-reducing efforts included:

  • Recycling our exhibit carpet: Usually the carpet from events like GO are sent to a landfill where they never break down. We were able to arrange for all 21,000 pounds of exhibit carpet to be recycled and reused. It feels great knowing all that carpet will get another life and, more important, avoid a landfill. 
  • Donating signage: All of the white-backed signage found throughout the event space was donated to a local high school for reuse in art program and other projects. That which can’t be reused is being recycled.
  •  Minimizing disposables: Unlike most conferences that serve food and beverages in disposable containers, GO attendee meals and snacks were served in actual china and glassware; single-use plastic water bottles were replaced with dispensers; and straws were offered only by request at all banquet bars. Food items were locally sourced to the greatest extent possible and we carefully calculated food quantities based on our prior year’s actual consumption, all of which dramatically minimized waste.   
  • Planting trees: It’s impossible to eliminate paper use completely at a conference the magnitude of GO, so to help make up for it we left our mark on Gaylord Opryland by donating the live trees that decorated GO Village to be replanted on the resort property. 
  •  Making a continued impact: We also made an imprint upon Gaylord Opryland, as we were the first group ever to implement some of the green initiatives noted above – such as straws being offered on a request-only basis. Following this request by our Commvault team, Gaylord Opryland chose to adopt this as a new standard for all events. 

Not only were we able to deliver our best GO yet, we did it in an environmentally-friendly way – and what can be better than that?

For more Commvault GO Green efforts, make sure to check out Commvault Sustainability.