Astra Daihatsu Motor Company consolidates data and reduces recovery time

By Callum Eade

In emerging markets across Asia Pacific, we are seeing tremendous growth, especially in the manufacturing industry. This growth is bringing more data – data that needs to be managed properly. As manufacturing continues its trajectory in the Asia Pacific theater, data consolidation and maintaining optimal system availability will be essential to IT practices.

Astra Daihatsu Motor, a leading Indonesian automotive manufacturer, produces up to 2,000 Daihatsu and Toyota vehicles a day (that’s 84 per hour).  Keeping up with this volume requires an agile IT environment to maintain operations.

The manufacturer chose Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery to replace its legacy backup products across more than 140 systems on HPE hardware. Its previous process to restore data was manual, slow and complicated. That put the business at risk of downtime, equating to revenue loss of about $1,000 per minute.  With the help of Commvault partner PT Nagitec, Commvault data protection was deployed in just two weeks.

With Commvault, the company reduced recovery time by 80% and shortened its backup window by 95%. Astra Daihatsu Motor is now confident that business-critical production systems are automatically backed up, supporting the company needs for highly available systems, plus reliable access to applications and data in order to meet compliance standards and service-level targets.

In addition, its IT team uses only one console to monitor and manage backups across systems and distributed locations, making it faster to recover data if the company suffers an outage. With consolidation and recovery now secured, Astra Daihatsu Motor is poised to take its next step in its digital journey as it prepares to move data to the cloud. Watch its customer testimonial video below to learn more.

Only Commvault can handle heterogenous systems on multiple platforms through a single, simple interface for both today’s on-premises workloads and tomorrow’s cloud-based operations. 

Commvault can provide the orchestration level needed to simplify data complexities on-site and ease the way for companies preparing to move and manage data in multi-cloud solutions (something that wasn’t possible just five years ago in this region).

This luxury of choice, plus the reliable availability of systems and data, will drive even more robust business growth and technology – and Commvault will be there to provide the solutions to handle the data in this emerging region.