Azure Stack Data Protection For The Real World Of Hybrid Cloud

By Edwin Galang

There is a reason that 72 percent of Azure customers1 plan to take advantage of Azure Stack in the next three years. Azure Stack promises to bring the agility and innovation of Azure to customers’ on-premises environments, using a single management paradigm and enabling real hybrid cloud scenarios. While there are many advantages of having Azure Stack in your data center, including meeting regulatory and compliance requirements and data location sensitivity, Microsoft makes one thing clear: the customer is responsible for protecting their own Azure Stack environments. Unlike Azure, where Microsoft assumes a portion of that responsibility, Azure Stack customers need to have a well thought out plan to protect and manage their Azure Stack deployments and the data that resides within them.

It is still true that data management and protection – no matter where your data lives, even in Azure or Azure Stack – is a real concern: How do you protect it, no matter where it lives?  And that includes Azure Stack. While Microsoft supports the Azure Stack software and the hardware vendor will support the hardware, it is up to you to protect the data in Azure Stack.

What’s your plan? This is where Commvault can help. With the Commvault Data Platform, Commvault provides comprehensive data protection and management for Azure Stack including: backup and recovery of Azure Stack VMs and Azure Stack blob storage, migration of a VM from an external hypervisor to Azure Stack, and disaster recovery of your Azure Stack VMs.

What does this mean for you?

It simply means that no matter where your data lives – and regardless of where you need to move it to and when – Commvault has you covered. One data protection and management platform regardless of whether the data is in Azure, Azure Stack – or wherever you need it.  This lowers costs, provides one set of tools for your team to know and use – and indexes the data so you know what you have and where it is. Additionally, automated policies help cut human error and administrative costs.

This means that Commvault provides agentless backup and recovery of your Azure Stack VM and agentless granular recovery of files and folders in a simplified and scalable data management platform.

Let’s take a closer look at our Azure Stack data protection:

  1. Native integration with Azure Stack: To provide agentless protection of the Azure Stack environment, Commvault is leveraging the Azure Stack APIs to directly protect and recover data in Azure Stack. Other backup vendors’ Azure Stack strategy is to deploy agents in each VM, which increases your backup management overhead and requires multiple steps in order to recovery full VMs. By leveraging the Azure Stack APIs, the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for Azure provides seamless data protection of your Azure Stack.
  2. Simplified data protection of your Azure Stack: The Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for Azure Stack simplifies backup and recovery because you are not burdened deploying and managing agents for data protection.Instead, you configure the VSA for Azure Stack, create a SLA-based policy and you are ready to backup data and VMs in your environment. Recovering VMs and files and folder is just as easy. In our web-based Admin Console, you select the VM or files and folders to recover and the VM can be recovered to the current Azure Stack or another Azure Stack environment. Why complicate your data protection environment with agents when you don’t need to; the VSA for Azure Stack simplifies your backup and recovery requirements.
  3. Scalable and flexible data protection platform for your Azure Stack environment: The Commvault Data Platform can scale to protect multiple PBs of data so as your Azure Stack environment grows, your data platform can seamlessly grow with it. If you need additional data protection beyond VM backup and recovery, the Commvault Data Platform supports 30-plus application and databases so you can easily deploy a plugin to meet any data protection requirement. With the Commvault Data Platform, Commvault can quickly meet your data protection needs.
  4. Comprehensive data protection of your Azure Stack: The Commvault Data Platform provides comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities not only for your Azure Stack VMs, but it can also protect and recover Azure Stack blob storage, simplify your migration by converting VMs from an external hypervisor into Azure Stack and provide disaster recovery for your Azure Stack VMs. In a single platform, you can provide full data protection and recovery capabilities for the entire Azure Stack data to meet all your business requirements.

Powerful Azure Stack protection needed for the enterprise and for service providers

These points have resonated with our service providers and enterprise customers because it provides a streamlined data protection strategy that can satisfy their demanding data protection requirements.

The Azure Stack promise to bring Azure cloud capabilities to your on-premises data center is real and Commvault is ready to be your hybrid cloud data protection solution across it all.  Real protection and real recovery – to make sure your business is on, all the time.

Learn more about gaining efficiencies throughout your hybrid cloud: download our solution briefs for Azure Stack data migration and Azure Stack backup and recovery.

1 ”Here’s Where Microsoft Is Winning The Battle Against Amazon”, The Street Press Release on Piper Jaffray note, Jan 8, 2018