Chesterfield Royal Hospital Talks ‘Digital Agendas’ At Commvault GO 2018

By Ian Hazel

While the healthcare sector in the UK is certainly not alone in recognising that there are definitely gaps that need to be filled when it comes to becoming “digitally native,” there is a degree of lag in progress toward this goal when compared to other sectors. 

From the perspective of Chesterfield Royal Hospital Trust, and the wider National Health Service (NHS), the last few years have seen significant, new, legislated expectations in the way healthcare providers should deliver care to patients. At the forefront of these new approaches and driving this overall change is the desire for development of a digital agenda.

Without the IT to support the digital agenda, however, this vision will never become reality. One of the core areas of the digital agenda is making sure the critical patient data we manage and provide access to supports the best direct care of individual patient, whenever and by whomever requires it, throughout all elements of the care cycle.  

Another critical element in the digital agenda – care, accessibility and control of sensitive patient data – has been very much amplified in importance by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that came into force earlier this year.  NHS Trusts now need to pay even greater attention to data accessibility and protection. 

Partnering with Commvault, COOLSPIRiT and Nutanix has enabled Chesterfield Royal Hospital to achieve our objectives in this regard, while also establishing a clear path to realising the targets set out in the broader NHS digital agenda. As a result of the Data Protection Act and (more recently) GDPR, there is a fundamental requirement to necessitate change to certain systems, and a new awareness that changes must also be reflected in our actual processes too.

Alongside Alex Raben from our partner COOLSPIRiT, we will be on the main show floor in auditorium 2M, from 3:15 – 4 p.m. on Oct. 10, talking on the topic of, “Simplifying Data Protection and Delivering Resilience for Modern Healthcare. During the discussion, will be drilling down into a number of key areas: from the business challenges that were confronting the hospital Trust; the rationale for change and the goals we were hoping to achieve; to the ways Chesterfield Royal Hospital actually uses Commvault and the multiple benefits and outcomes we’ve achieved.

Commvault GO, as an event, is a great opportunity for me, not only in terms of professional experience, but also provides a platform to share our experiences and learnings with a wider healthcare audience.  The opportunity to network and converse with other like-minded professionals from all over the globe will also drive our projects better and perhaps with a few more tips and tricks picked up to help us even quicker along our way. 

Attending GO is about more than showcasing our story and talking to like-minded professionals though. Listening to the keynotes; watching technical demos; and speaking with Commvault’s engineers and business leaders about future technology developments and roadmaps is hugely valuable and of great benefit to us when it comes to predicting the future and considering future-proofing measures, too.

For all IT and business leaders with at least one eye on either digital transformation initiatives, regulatory compliance challenges or purely backup and recovery strategies, this is a “must-attend” event, and I hope to see you there! 

Ian Hazel is the Associate Director of ICT at Chesterfield Royal Hospital Trust.