CIO Stories: Where data loss isn’t an option

“We test our restoration processes several times a year – you don’t want to bring out a restoration process when you need it and find you don’t have it!”

As the Chief Information Officer of the Delaware Department of Corrections, Phil Winder operates in an extremely fast paced and challenging environment, where data is at the center of every critical decision.

Having moved from 14 years in the banking industry to work at the State of Delaware, Phil oversees the facility’s entire technology stack including vendor management, inhouse teams, applications, and infrastructure.

Phil successfully led a complex digital transformation program, moving Delaware from paper to electronic, and now everything within the correctional facility is now technology based, from electronic health records to releases, education, and movement.

Phil sat down with Dez Blanchfield to discuss his role as a CIO as well as the very real challenges he faces including

  • Business challenge of data protection
  • The importance training and testing critical data recovery process
  • The growing threat of ransomware and how the facility works with Commvault to ensure a fast detection and recovery
  • The need for full visibility of Data – and how a unified view helps his team stay in control of their data environment
  • Impact of COVID-19 on a Correction facility
  • Three-to-five-year strategy outlook including introducing machine learning and AI

Catch the full interview here:

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