Cloud Data Protection: Top 2019 Predictions

What does the next year hold for cloud data protection? It will likely be a year of tremendous change, faster IT modernization.

What does the next year hold for protecting cloud data? It will likely be a year of tremendous change, faster IT modernization and a battle for a better data-driven customer experience. Do you agree with these cloud data protection predictions?

Data-driven customer experience will put new demands on data management

Customer experience is driving massive change across organizations. Whether it’s through an official digital transformation project or incremental tech advancements, CIOs and other IT leaders are being asked how they contribute to the overall customer experience.

In today’s economy, companies compete on customer experience, including optimized customer service, retaining and delighting customers.

To best serve a customer, the company needs data. Accurate and actionable data is critical.

If data isn’t accessible, then the organization can’t best serve the customer. What if your organization could use a single search across cloud and on-premises data storage environments to bring back specific, actionable data about your customers?

Today 63 percent of surveyed Commvault cloud customers use more than one cloud. How much will that number grow in 2019?

Commvault software supports data protection across 40-plus cloud storage options2, covering a variety of use cases. You can adopt one, two or more clouds, but manage your on-premises and cloud-based workloads from a single data management platform.

We’ll likely see even more organizations optimize their cloud experience by running Commvault in the cloud. Available today, using Commvault in the cloud will help save on cloud egress charges.

In a scenario where an enterprise wants to restore data written to cloud in the cloud, Commvault software can restore data without leaving the cloud. This scenario provides ultimate flexibility, but also is extremely valuable in disaster recovery scenarios when it’s critical to meet RTO and RPO goals.

How will business requirements drive the use of more public and private clouds in your new year?

IT staffing issues will drive IT modernization

IT leaders are honest about this big problem: it’s hard to find trained IT staff in this tight job market.

Job postings remain open for months, head count requests don’t always get approved. People who used to be storage specialists or backup administrators are now becoming IT generalists.

Today no one is just managing backups.  IT generalists are learning quickly and covering a wide range of vital data management projects.  But if you’re still using multiple backup systems, you’re complicating the process, taking valuable time and causing added stress.

Streamlined and flexible, Commvault technology is making it easier for IT generalists to manage the volume of backup and recovery requests in their organization.

Day-to-day data management features that speed execution of cloud data protection projects rank high with Commvault cloud customers. How would these advanced capabilities streamline your IT team’s work around data management?

How will cloud data protection evolve in 2019?

Many organizations are a few years into their cloud adoption plan. Popular first projects have included moving on-premises applications to SaaS, experimenting with archive backup in cloud, or trying dev-test workloads in a public cloud.

Other organizations have successfully moved to cloud and shut down their data centers – or have plans to shut down in 2019.

Regardless of where you start or how far along you are in cloud adoption, data protection is critical.

While the public clouds are highly secure, each customer is responsible for protecting their own data in the cloud. This part of the shared responsibility model is a critical reason why organizations are watching cloud data protection trends and implementing cloud data protection best practices.

Commvault and the Commvault partner ecosystem can help with your 2019 cloud data protection strategy. Start exploring what your organization can do to go beyond cloud backup and truly develop a cloud data protection strategy.

1 – TechValidate survey of 261 users of Commvault® Cloud Data Protection, April 2018

2- See the details at Commvault Supported Technologies

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