Cloud Loves Commvault

By Penny Gralewski

Cloud backup and recovery is a part of every strategic CIO conversation, industry analyst discussion and a common topic among IT infrastructure leaders. The cloud discussion is important for both customers who already use Commvault in their traditional data center environments and the many enterprises that are looking for a more robust, flexible data backup and recovery solution.

In fact, one of our favorite topics of conversation is how customers can extend their IT infrastructure with public, private or hybrid cloud – and the most strategic way to back up, migrate, recover and maintain data in the cloud.

Yes, it’s a love story: Cloud and Commvault. During calendar year 2016, the number of petabytes of data being stored using the Commvault software within public environments increased by 250 percent.

Commvault has the industry’s deepest and broadest set of cloud platform integrations with 40 cloud vendor options, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Today, Commvault offers a wealth of cloud data management resources to help you speed cloud backup and delivery projects. Discover Commvault Cloud Backup and Recovery videos, customer case studies, datasheets, whitepapers and technical resources that help you make your data work for you.

Cloud backup and recovery, designed to extend your IT infrastructure

Cloud adoption is rapidly growing, so maximizing the investment in cloud is high on CIO radars. Commvault helps business realize the potential of the cloud, securely managing data backup, recovery, management, disaster recovery and more.

Commvault lets you manage public cloud exactly like any other backup target, applying the same proven data recovery and retention policies that you use for local disks and other devices. The underlying technologies that power Commvault backup and recovery — security, encryption, deduplication and more — are extended to the cloud. Pre-built cloud workflows and simplified image creation reduce backup costs, empower all levels of IT skillset and reduce risk.

Cloud disaster recovery – streamlined and secure

Commvault streamlines disaster recovery in the cloud with a simply powerful solution that features the deep integration, automation and flexibility across multiple VM and cloud platforms. Apply disaster recovery capabilities across your workloads, with existing IT staff and within budget.

Choose a multi cloud strategy for infrastructure, compute and disaster recovery. The same automation provided for AWS, Azure and Oracle Public Cloud is also available for your VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms. Even a multi-site private cloud to public cloud solution is possible. Commvault meets end-to-end disaster recovery requirements for every application, workload and cloud option.

Customers love Commvault and Cloud

Existing Commvault customers are smoothly extending their strategic data management policies to include cloud.

Enterprises new to Commvault are quickly discovering the most powerful data management capabilities available.

With thousands of customers and hundreds of petabytes of data under management in the cloud, Commvault has the deep experience to help you develop and deliver a smart cloud strategy.

Discover why Commvault Cloud Backup and Recovery is the fastest, most flexible data protection software to back up data, apps and workloads running in AWS or Azure.