Combatting COVID-19 in India

By Ramesh Kalanje

Our Vaulters in India continue to inspire me each and every day. And as we are seeing the pandemic continue and evolve, I wanted to recognize the India team’s incredible work with our COVID-19 response team.

Last spring, we experienced a dangerous spike in COVID-19 cases and were at a point in the country where there were limited quantities of COVID vaccinations, and we had to personally pay for them. We knew we had to do something to assist our Vaulters and their families during this difficult time, after all, our ‘We Care’ value is engrained in everything we do and is truly something we see every day across the business. So, it was a no brainer when I asked our leadership team to step in and help support getting our Vaulters in India access to vaccinations, as well as extended leave and wellness benefits to ensure their health and safety. Thus, we formed our India COVID-19 response team to execute this initiative.

We developed and planned vaccination drives at each of our office locations in India: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Delhi. The first round of vaccine drives were so well received that we held additional drives to further assist our Vaulter community; and even though some employees were unable to come to the vaccine drives due to location conflicts, we committed to ensuring them and their families were able to get vaccines in their area and reimbursed all costs incurred. As a result, our response team helped procure vaccines for over 700 people in our Vaulter community in India.  

I can’t express my gratitude enough for the amazing work this team has done on this program. I especially want to thank Kavitha Shivakumar and the Human Resources and Facilities teams in India for your agility, determination, and kindness during this time. It was so amazing to see the impact of what we have helped achieve.